Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Little Swimmer

This baby is such a water lover! It is great to
be able to have fun with her in the pool!

Cute Random Pictures

Alexis really wanted a fruit snack but couldn't get them open so she kept getting more out. She loves to get her laundry out and sort it!! It is funny

This is Mallori's car seat. She thought it was pretty cool, but I think she liked this one better.
Wow pig tails with ribbons can't ask for a better hairdo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sick and tired

Alexis is sick and threw up all night. I woke up to the sounds and went in to find her laying in her throw up and trying to sleep. So I woke Britt up and he cleaned her bed and I cleaned her. Poor baby :(. She threw up again and again. This morning she threw up her bottle (which I knew she would but she wanted it) then about an hour later she took 2 ounces and kept it down. She is so tired she just is having a hard time sleeping because of her tummy. It is so sad. I really hate her being sick.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


We went camping Friday, first time for the baby. She was great. She went to sleep just fine in the tent and stayed asleep all night. She played with weeds, moss, rocks and anything else that caught her eye. She cruised all around the lot. Then when we went for our hike she was in the back pack and was a perfect little gem, even fell asleep on the way back. Daddy even did good with his ankle only being two months from being broke. It sprinkled a tiny bit, but it felt good with the humidity and high temps.

We have discovered that Alexis might be a mermaid in disguise. She loved the beach....ok she loved the water. It wasn't warm either we are talking the hood canal. We would try and walk her out of the water and she would let go of our hands to go back in. Even after getting a mouth full of salt water she still wanted in. Her lips turned blue and we wrapped her up in a towel, she still squirmed to get back in. Looks like we will need to have a life jacket on her when ever water is near. Fun times and now we are definitely going to go camping with her more.
Alexis is such a fun baby that I am afraid of having another one! Of course we will though we just love the babies. Who doesn't enjoy hearing them say mama and really mean you. I love it. Hopefully she has fun in Alaska because then I will.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot day

Well we survived the day. It was 103 today. We are spoiled though because we bought an A/C unit last month, so our house was 72 all day. We still spent the day in the pool which was a wonderful 82 degrees. Can't ask for anything more can ya. The baby loves the pool and did not want to get out even to take a nap. She was falling asleep in Jen's arms at 6:45 though, so I hurried up and bathed her and put her to bed. We'll see how long she sleeps....to funny she is waking up as I am typing this. Gotta run, sun burnt and all.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July
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Bottles, bottles

Ok everyone I wish we were done with bottles....I am ready to move on with cups and milk. It isn't the cost of the formula it is the bother of it. I would rather just pour her a cup of milk and not have to mess with the mess. That is my rant.

Alexis did good in nursery today. She was walking around and only got picked up once around the neck... but the boy was a "bad guy" he said. So Alexis must have been on the "good side". kids are so silly. Anyway it is a bit hard being in nursery because we have no clue as to what is going on in the ward, but hey a few months in the dark doesn't hurt anyone right! We at least have the low down on every 3 year old in the ward. Well that is it for now!

Oh and Happy Birthday Steph!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ok so here is the back of her with her cute pig tails!
Here is the front! She must know how cute she is with her hair done. Even though it only last for about 2 hours before she pulled them out. She was so good to while I did it. She just looked at a book and let me work!


The girl loves having her own chair!! She just sat there smiling and enjoying the fire. Then when we started smores just just had to have one. She was suffering from allergies this weekend....poor thing.