Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bottles, bottles

Ok everyone I wish we were done with bottles....I am ready to move on with cups and milk. It isn't the cost of the formula it is the bother of it. I would rather just pour her a cup of milk and not have to mess with the mess. That is my rant.

Alexis did good in nursery today. She was walking around and only got picked up once around the neck... but the boy was a "bad guy" he said. So Alexis must have been on the "good side". kids are so silly. Anyway it is a bit hard being in nursery because we have no clue as to what is going on in the ward, but hey a few months in the dark doesn't hurt anyone right! We at least have the low down on every 3 year old in the ward. Well that is it for now!

Oh and Happy Birthday Steph!

3 lil' notes:

Ashley said...

Ainsley was sensitive to milk and we had to use formula longer than I wanted :(

Thankfully it passed so hopefully it will get easier!

yay for pigtails! My favorite hairstyle EVER....I wish I could still pull the look off.

Stephanie said...

Opps i left my bottles comment on Hot Day. thanks for the birthday wish

bergman family said...

grandma's little honey bunny is so cute. And I'm not predjudiced!