Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So this year has zoomed by so fast I can hardly believe it. Funny how at the beginning I was 4 months pregnant and thought time was going to drag on by. I guess in a way it did go slow but that was only those last few weeks before Megan was born. Now she is almost 6 months old and such a fun and sweet girl. She loves to spit, laugh at Alexis, grab her toes, jump in the bouncer, look at the Christmas lights, shake her toys, and people watch. She is more sensitive then Alexis and startles easy, totally dislikes being on her tummy; so much so she only rolls half way. The bottom half rolls over and then rolls up on her side and does it over and over to move around the room. She adores her sister, absolutely adores her. Alexis loves to dance and sing, she does shows for us. Loves to dress up and be a princess. Alexis has such a great sense of humor and is always laughing. She is in preschool and loves it, loves her teacher and her classmates. Alexis loves to draw and color. She wrote me a picture story last night about a snow man. Loves parties, birthday party, Christmas party, pj party any kind is her favorite! Britt is still working hard delivering cars. He just got back from Georgia picking up his brand new truck! He is very excited about that. I am doing the mom thing, I love my kids so much. Every single cell in my body loves them! I am looking forward to next year, seeing Megan turn 1, Alexis go to school and doing my new calling!

Friday, December 10, 2010

New calling

I have been the Secretary in Relief Society for almost 2 years now. It seems strange that it was that long. I have been released and called as the Primary President. I was very surprised and didn't see that coming for a mile. I was able to pick my counselors and secretary without to much trouble, their names came to me almost as soon as I started praying. Oh and guess what the ward actually sustained me, haha! We had our first meeting and I am feeling so much better now. It is amazing what counselors can do to help ease the stress of caring for 80+ kids! I am so excited now to have our first Sunday and really get to know these little ones. Alexis keeps asking if I am going to be in her class (sharing time) again this week. I think she will do ok having me in there, not so good with Megan. She kept coming and giving her kisses and telling her it will be ok. So little M may have to go with others. This might actually be good for her though since she is kind of clingy with me. Now the fun begins of calling people to teach and getting them to understand the importance of coming for these kiddos!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saddest thing just happened. I have learned the hard way to listen to the whisperings of the spirit. My computer died and I didn't have my pictures backed up. A day or two before I had the promptings to back them up and decided to do it later. Most of Megan's 5 months are gone. Sad day. Moving forward though and will be storing them online as well as on disc.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Eating...what else is there to do? LOL she didn't like broccoli either.

So the little cutie is 4 months old and is a smiley little chub! Weighing in at 16 lbs and 25 inches tall we can honestly say she is so squishy and fun to hold. She has a smile for everyone and loves to laugh when people act a little cuckoo! Alexis can get her to laugh the best! She sits up by herself for about 5 minutes and then needs a break. She chews on everything that gets close to her mouth. She has just been moved into her crib in her room and is sleeping pretty good (waking every 4 hours to eat!) She has some allergies though...poor baby. Cats and rodents, chocolate and grass really get her. Makes me so glad we kicked the cat and dog out before she was born. She rolled from her tummy to her back 2 days again, but I don't think she meant to because she looked very surprised, it was funny! She has enough hair I can do spike pig tails and takes her headbands all by herself! She is starting the distracted eating phase, even if I cover her she does her best to get out to look around. She loves Alexis and Alexis loves her. Megan grabs hair the second it is within reach, not Alexis's favorite thing. I can carry her around in the sling or front pack for hours and she is happy as can be. We just love our little squishy baby girl!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Wow time sure flies! So we have had a month of family visits! First Erin and Lim came with their 4 kiddos, we went to Selah, WA to visit with the Morse family, Aunties and Uncles came to visit Grandma, then we went to Driggs, Idaho for a funeral. Everything was super fun except the tragic funeral. I really haven't come to understand why Angela died. She was expecting her first baby in February and was taken last week suddenly in a car accident. While trying to save her life a huge tumor was found and removed but it was to late. The baby was already gone and so was Angela. The saddest part is the tumor was killing her already. I know there is a purposes that is greater then we know, but I still ask why now? Life is pushing forward and it is hard to hold on and wait for the answers that won't come quickly. Angela has her son and together they are doing great things on the other side. I am very grateful that we have eternal marriages. Kyle and Angela and their son are sealed and that brings comfort.

Alexis and Megan got to met Grandpa and Grandma Bergman. Alexis keeps asking if her new grandpa is coming over. Very cute! I have hundreds of pictures from this last month, can't post them all but I will post a few!

In the car on the way home from Idaho!
I love this little face!!
Alexis and Tillie!
Cocoa bean cupcakes!
Angela's mom, she loved holding Megan!
4 generations! I was especially happy to get this one! Grandma gave us a scare a few weeks ago so this one is very special to me.
Meeting their Grandpa on the Bergman Side and Grandma Sandi.
Britt, Kyle and Megan. Kyle is seriously an awesome guy and would pick up Megan and kiss her and snuggle her, which kind of broke my heart thinking of the baby he will never get to hold.
Playing in the fresh snow!
Alexis found this place to sit and read, I wish we had a fun little hide away like this.
Sadie and Megan. Sadie helped with Megan a lot!
Megan loves to grab her toes now when ever she is laying down...cute!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

come fly with me!
Alma and Alexis were supposed to be cleaning the room up. This is how we found them.
Isaac fell asleep on the floor when we sat him up to pick him up he stayed there. Too funny!
Watching conference! Don't ask us what all they said because as you can see we had a room full of kids!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010


All the Martin grand kids Madison, Sam, Conner, Ben, Megan and Alexis who wasn't happy that we had Ben help hold Megan.
Mallori and Alexis
Brody, Alexis, Cambree, Mallori and Megan. Brody is only a week old here and is these girls second cousin.
Great Grandma with the girls. Grandma is the cutest lady ever! She was so tickled to have the 4 little girls over. Alexis loves going to her house too. Part of it is the guinea pig...who we think Megan is allergic to. Her poor little eyes and nose were just pouring after they got the pig out. So she will have to stay away from it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alexis goes to school!

Alexis started preschool last week. She was so excited that she had her backpack packed a few days ahead of time with spare clothes and toys...they didn't make the final cut though. She was ready for at least 2 hours before school started the past 2 times. She talks about her teacher all day and is so excited about learning. I have tried all summer to get her to trace letters and she wouldn't for me, but she will for her teacher. She writes her name on everything, even on a check out of our checkbook. She got to celebrate her birthday Tuesday since she is a summer birthday and got to bring a treat. She choose fruit snacks, string cheese and cookies. She wanted to bring a pinata, but I figured that was a no go...haha! All the kids are members and so is her teacher, one of the kids is in our ward so we are carpooling. I am loving her teacher and the excitement Alexis has about school!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

little update!

Cute little girl in a swim suit...she didn't get in the water though.
Alexis wants her picture taken with Megan daily.
Oh the fun of having a tiny baby and a 4 year old. I still feel like all I do is nurse this girl, she loves the milky. Alexis is emotional when she gets in trouble for waking the baby up...probably because she is just trying to kiss her and has good intentions but anything that wakes this girl up is bad. She is a great sleeper at night but during the day, if you haven't noticed the lack of posts since her birth, she takes cat naps. 15 or 30 minutes here and there are normal. I try so hard to get at least one long one during the day. She still screams if she is even the tiniest bit hungry and we put her in the car seat. The smiles this baby gives out make up for it though. She coos and goos, giggles and sqeuls. She loves big sister and daddy, but is totally a mommy's girl...not just cause of the milky either! Alexis is over the moon excited about starting school. Last week she packed a lunch and her back pack, with toys and clothes, and announced she was ready to go and to hurry so we wouldn't be late. Britt has a new hobby, bow and arrows and hunting. He has set up a hay bail target and is learning to call elk. He really wants to get an elk this year, I hope he does even if it isn't my favorite meat...maybe he can go cow hunting, haha! As soon as I get our pictures I will post them!!! I am so excited. We copied you Leslie and ventured into the water...except we did it in the summer and the water was warmer. I just want to get in some reading time. I haven't read a book since Megan was born and I feel off. Ok well I have read the scriptures, just no pleasure reading.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 years old!

I love that you can see her toes in the water! The water was very warm too!
Our amazing photographer took these.
Just love this girl!
What a fun BWE ( birthday week extravaganza) we just had! Alexis turned 4 and we partied. Last week we took her to Rain Forest Cafe and she loved it, as long as she didn't have to get to close to the elephants and gorillas! Then Monday the 23rd we had a swimming birthday party with her girly friends. The weather was perfect and most of her friends came and played. Honestly they had so much fun and it was the easiest party ever! On Wednesday we had the family over and had cake and ice cream. She got her unicorn pillow pet that she has been begging for since January and lots of fun toys and clothes. She is one spoiled 4 year old!

Alexis gets to start school next week and is super excited! Alexis is a super funny girl and loves to sing. She was singing as loud as she can at the library the other day while using the bathroom. She has the biggest smile that makes me warm and happy. Loves primary to death, truly loves it. I can hear her singing outside in the hall. She also loves to go up on the stand when the choir sings, it is super cute. Alexis makes friends everywhere we go, the park, library, store, playland at Fred Meyer(loves that place). A treat to her is going to one of those places. She still doesn't like chocolate or peanut butter but loves peanut butter cups, fruit, jello, green beans, CORN and peas. She loves to make salads, I wash the lettuce and she rips it up and eats it. She loves tv and movies especially ones on the big tv at the movies! We love you so much Alexis! I was going to take her and get pictures done just for her birthday, but after seeing these there was no need, Brittany K did a great job, I wish she lived closer. I can't wait to see the rest of our pictures!

Since I am really typing this on 9/7 I will tell you a few cute things she has done since her b-day. 2 days ago she walked into primary and looked around like she was lost. Grandma M had taken her and was showing her to the front row when Alexis informed her that she was 4 and needed to be in the big girl class. She was not happy about still being a sunbeam but excepted it begrudgingly. Last night she was taking pictures with my cell phone and told us to crinkle together. This morning daddy asked if she tooted and she said she didn't because she didn't hear anything. She is always making us laugh and we love it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For some reason none of my pictures will turn.
She made a pretzel at the mall event.
Scottish highland games where Grandpa has a tent for the clan Irwin which is our family(Irving is part of it). So this hat is the kilt colors.
Check Spelling
We went to walmart and this is how we found Megan when we got home.

more blessing pictures

It was a very hot, hot day so after the blessing we let the kids hit the slip and slide. Megan was a very happy baby today, even though it was the start of the heat rash battle. Poor thing has spent a lot of time in a onsie and diaper trying to stay cool.

Pictures from blessing

Wow does time pass quickly when you are caring for 2 kids! It has almost been a month since Megan was blessed and I am just now getting to the pictures, hopefully I can do this before she wakes up!
I forgot to include who was in the circle so daddy, Grandpa Martin, Uncle Jon, Bob Hayes, Bob Pine, Bob Schaub, Rick Morse, Rick Koeller, Bishop Jensen I am sure I forgot someone so if I did and you were there just let me know. From the looks of it if your name wasn't Bob or Rick you weren't in it though, lol.