Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 years old!

I love that you can see her toes in the water! The water was very warm too!
Our amazing photographer took these.
Just love this girl!
What a fun BWE ( birthday week extravaganza) we just had! Alexis turned 4 and we partied. Last week we took her to Rain Forest Cafe and she loved it, as long as she didn't have to get to close to the elephants and gorillas! Then Monday the 23rd we had a swimming birthday party with her girly friends. The weather was perfect and most of her friends came and played. Honestly they had so much fun and it was the easiest party ever! On Wednesday we had the family over and had cake and ice cream. She got her unicorn pillow pet that she has been begging for since January and lots of fun toys and clothes. She is one spoiled 4 year old!

Alexis gets to start school next week and is super excited! Alexis is a super funny girl and loves to sing. She was singing as loud as she can at the library the other day while using the bathroom. She has the biggest smile that makes me warm and happy. Loves primary to death, truly loves it. I can hear her singing outside in the hall. She also loves to go up on the stand when the choir sings, it is super cute. Alexis makes friends everywhere we go, the park, library, store, playland at Fred Meyer(loves that place). A treat to her is going to one of those places. She still doesn't like chocolate or peanut butter but loves peanut butter cups, fruit, jello, green beans, CORN and peas. She loves to make salads, I wash the lettuce and she rips it up and eats it. She loves tv and movies especially ones on the big tv at the movies! We love you so much Alexis! I was going to take her and get pictures done just for her birthday, but after seeing these there was no need, Brittany K did a great job, I wish she lived closer. I can't wait to see the rest of our pictures!

Since I am really typing this on 9/7 I will tell you a few cute things she has done since her b-day. 2 days ago she walked into primary and looked around like she was lost. Grandma M had taken her and was showing her to the front row when Alexis informed her that she was 4 and needed to be in the big girl class. She was not happy about still being a sunbeam but excepted it begrudgingly. Last night she was taking pictures with my cell phone and told us to crinkle together. This morning daddy asked if she tooted and she said she didn't because she didn't hear anything. She is always making us laugh and we love it!

2 lil' notes:

Shirley B. said...

Your friend really did a very nice job in taking Alexis's pictures. These are adorable! Just like our girl. And hey, when a girl turns 4 she is a "Big" girl and I can understand that she doesn't want to be with little kids anymore. However, maybe because she is BIG she could help the teacher with the "little" kids in her sunbeam class. Just a thought.
Love you all so much!

Chastina said...

What gorgeous pics! It sounds like she is keeping you busy.