Friday, June 6, 2008


I think that I am giving up on taking Alexis grocery shopping. Britt and I went for our bi-monthly big trip to Fred Meyer and while looking at new comforter sets (Britt picked one out that I am sure will grow on me!) Alexis screamed and cried because she wanted to run around the store. Usually when both of us are there we let her roam because one of us can follow her easily, but today she refused to wear her shoes. I would put them on and she would immediately kick them off, so glad we were in the back of the store hidden among big blanket bags because people might have wondered why it took two adults to put rain boots on a toddler. Needless to say we strapped her in the cart with the belt tight so she couldn't wiggle out, and she screamed and screamed. We couldn't even hear each other talking, so we walked to the end of the isle and just talked about comforters until she stopped. She didn't stop, so Britt went to take her out to the car, I walked around and started shopping when I heard her laughing. When I found them they were playing in the camping first I thought Britt you are not teaching her to play in the displays and then I thought WHO CARES, if they set it up they have to expect kids to go in the tent they even put a sleeping bag inside. I then decided to see if they had a pair of shoes that we could buy that she would wear, found some crocs that fit and she was pumped about and away we went, problem solved. She finished the shopping excursion out with walking herself over to the bakery and standing there waiting until someone noticed her and gave her a cookie (don't worry Britt was there he was just standing back to see what she would do) she also tried going back 3 times for another cookie! Anyways, she helped us put groceries in the cart and then take them out of the basket to purchase them. I wonder if the shopping trip would have gone better if we hadn't gone geocaching before.
In all I think 1 learned 2 valuable lessens:

1. shoes need to be fastened more rain boats except to play in the rain
2. I can not go shopping by myself right now

I can't wait until she is 2 and can go in play land. I think I am going to go to Fred Meyer on her birthday put her in play land for the 1 hour allowed and go back in the comforter section and just sit down and do nothing! Wouldn't that be lovely? Well I gotta go she is sitting on the couch laying on my heating pad...I promise I don't sit like that all day long! Well it is almost time for me to work out so I better get ready.

3 lil' notes:

Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

Oh Alexis...........
Sorry Crystal you had such a rough time!

Melanie Love said...

I know the feeling. I only go grocery shopping or any other shopping when he's in school, and if I don't get it done, somehow I end up waiting until the next week when school starts again.

Emma said...

Welcome to the land of being a mom of a toddler! It sounds like she may be a "teething" toddler. Right now Eliza is getting some teeth and she is acting the same way. I wonder if Alexis is too because they are the same age. I remember once Isaac got all of this 2 year old teeth, he turned into a sweet heart again. But the growing of these teeth seems to take months. Good Luck!