Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Wall!

i just got pictures developed from snap fish and so I put them in their prospective frames on
my family picture wall... it is not done because I am changing them to all be horizontal and Jesse's picture is not updated because I wanted the picture to have little Cory in it. Also my brother is not up there because well he is anti-pictures. I need one of Kate and her family too because Chad had to work when we took all these pictures. The next thing that I need to do is finish painting the wall, if only this girl would take a good nap. Then I want to put up a vinyl that says Families Are Forever! I am ordering the vinyl today. I want new frames too, we will see what I find as I venture out! I would put up a family picture but we aren't going to have the whole family together for awhile, so hopefully next year we can arrange it if Lim and Erin are here! Britt and I are blessed to have such a big family and love all of you!
I need to get a picture of the three kids from my side up to and maybe a sibling picture to. I love the one of Britt and his siblings it is just fun and the cousins picture is just the cutest.

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Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

That's one of the bad things about being the oldest that no one else is married in my family so I can only put up so many pictures of us! Can't wait for my siblings to get married so I can have my own family picture wall! And Joe's family... That's a whole nother story! :P