Friday, October 31, 2008

one little pumpkin

We carved our pumpkin last night. Alexis was a crack up, she would stick her hand in and get a few seeds and then get so excited she would shake. She tried to eat the pumpkin stuff and didn't like it too much! She drew the face on it and dad helped her cut it out, that is why it is hard to tell what it is. She didn't want to leave her pumpkin outside, we told her she can say goodnight to it before she went to bed and blow the candle out and so she finally came in the house. Good thing about toddlers is they forget still. Then I forgot to go blow the candle out! Ohwell we aren't gonna be home anyways tonight. I am so excited for her to trick or treat, she is gonna be so cute. She still doesn't say trick or treat very well, but I think she will catch on quick!

A choice

So funny, and sad too. Alexis took the newspaper and put it on the floor and I asked her to pick it up, she started to walk away. I told her that she need to pick it up and she kept walking, so i stood up and told her that if she didn't pick it up she was going to time out and she covered her bum with her two little hands and said no bum. I really don't spank her for everything, I do threaten it though. Sad that she would rather cover her bum to prevent a spanking then picking up the newspaper. This why I think she has hit her teens (the "T" word) early.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patch Pictures

Pumpkin Patch #3

Saturday we headed to the pumpkin patch for the last time this season. We went to Farm Fresh Produce on Hwy 410. My family and the Koeller family had some fun picking out pumpkins and going on a hayride. We have gone on 3 hayrides this year but nothing compares to this one. We were on a trailer that the back end was touching the ground and was pulled behind a tractor. Then they took us out in the field that they use with the monster trucks or something because it is pour mud. With all of us on this trailer we were scraping bottom half the time. Then we would slide around and it the worry was there that we would get stuck, the driver assured is it wouldn't, but man it was crazy. Don't get me wrong it was fun, butt not the quiet ride around the farm you would expect. We didn't do the corn maze this year, we just didn't have time and decided against spending $5 a person to walk around in corn. I know party poopers but we are all trying harder to save money. The guys and kids then went and did the sling shot. Ben got a free pumpkin, Sam got 2 free pumpkins and Stephanie got a free pumpkin talk about lucky family. While the guys did that Alexis and Blake helped themselves to a apple. It was funny. After the patch we all went back to my parents house for scones and apple cider, yummy. The ward Halloween party was fun, the theme was The Wizard of Oz and everyone was really creative with their costumes. In one room they had a black light and balloons, Alexis loved it and spent most of her time in there with Brooklynn Jones. They played so well together. Alexis found lots of tokens on the floor and kept bring them to me and then I would toss them back in for the kids to find again. The trunk or treat was after that and Alexis filled up on suckers. I think she ate 4 in about 20 minutes. Since then she would get the stool and get her bucket of my dresser and eat suckers. Little girl is too smart because that stool is dragged everywhere. Anyways it was a fun day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Britt says

I just remember something funny Britt said the other night. Alexis had just got done telling she didn't like her bed so we were talking about getting her a regular bed. I suggested that we get bunk beds and hes said, "bunk beds are for boys." I laughed really hard at that and thought I would share it with everyone. I love my Husband!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Alexis is cracking me up lately with her sentences. I fell like I am raising a teenager already though. Last night She was in her jamas and was drinking something and a little bit spilled on them so she climbed down and ran into her room and shut the door. A few minutes later she is pounding on the door so I go and open it. She has taken all her clothes off and put on pants and a headband. I got new jamas out, since I know that she will not put the wet ones on and it goes like this:

Mom: Here Alexis I got you new jamas out.

Alexis: They wet.

Mom: No I just got these ones out they are dry.

Alexis: No they wet. And she runs over to the door and yells: Get Out a Here. and slams the door shut on me.

Mom: I tell her to put her jamas on and get ready because now she has to go to bed.

So that is why I think she is already a teenager mentally. I was kind of laughing though because she seriously changes clothes 4 times a day and will put on a swim suit any chance she gets(please tell me she is not going to try for Sports Illustrated). She will not put underwear back on if she has gone #2, We go through 20 pairs in a matter of 4 days and they are 90% accident free.

She has been rolling the left over cookie dough out for 30 minutes, it is sticky and gross and she scolds the dog when he eats the bits that fall on the floor. She is just jabbering away and karate chopping it. Playing like it is a baby and singing rock a bye baby to it. Who know cookie dough could be so fun. I am trying really hard to limit how much TV she watches a day because she is obsessed with it, so far she is doing good. Since she broke the DVD Open Season she is really being limited to her movie access. She has figured out the the stool can be moved to anywhere in the house and she is getting into things that once where save. I am lucky with the Halloween candy because all she wants to eat is the suckers so I have been helping her out with the rest. She has cookie dough all over her so I think she will need a bath before bed! We are also going to work on a new bed time. She is trying so hard to just never go to sleep. Last night 11:30 and she was still pitching a fit in her room. I think that we have been so up and down on bed time because Britt is getting home so late and he wants to see her and play with her, but he just won't get up and go to work early so he can see her more. So I am going to be more firm and just put her to bed at 9. Well I am going to go eat some yummy cookies!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So I finished her little Tutu for her halloween costume. It has a different ribbon on it then I planned because I couldn't find it. I just bought it too so who knows maybe it is in the car under the seat. It looks ok with this ribbon and I can always take it off if I want a different ribbon. I have actually thought about buying black and orange and making her a witch for halloween now. The ballerina is cute but oh the with idea is really catching on. Our ward is having a party tonight and the theme is the Wizard of Oz. Maybe I could get green and black and she could be the wicked witch. Or I guess I could call her glenda with her pink and pink tutu. Decision and such last minute. I will have to decide quickly!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gas Prices keep of falling PLEASE

I just thought I would give a little shout at the price of gas. I have the gas tracker widget and it says Albertson's is $2.99!!! So hurray it is under $3! I may just fill my tank up for the first time in in a few months, I stopped it $80 because that is a lot of money to burn. I have been careful about to much frivolous driving and asking myself if it is necessary(the answer is usually yes though, hehe).

Monday, October 20, 2008


Anything that we ask Alexis right now is answered with "OK." It is so darn cute. I shouldn't say anything, if she doesn't want to she still says "NO" very clearly and usually followed with a well planned fit on the floor! She is so cute.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

$10.00 and pumpkin patch trip #2

We went on a field trip to Maris Farms yesterday with play-dayz and it was worth it. We got there a bit late but only missed the animal barn, Alexis saw it last week though. They got to feed the goats and then we went on a hay ride. They pulled us down to the corn maze and the kids got to go on a walk reading a story about Vickie the chick. The maze leads to the pumpkin patch for the field trip. We picked out kind of a big one since we are only getting one pumpkin this year{I seem to be the only one who likes to carve them so why get more!}. They told them about how pumpkins and corn grow and then we finished the hay ride. After that we went to the courtyard and they took the kids on a cow train. It was really cute and Alexis loved it!!!! They got to play on tractors and pump the water and then came the corn pit. This was crazy, they had so many corn kernels and the kids liked it. It was very dusty though, and made me itchy. When we left Britt and I both felt it was a good $10 spent.


Alexis has a cold. Now for most kids a runny nose is no big deal just gross, but not for Alexis. With this asthma she gets bad. The doctor warned us too that fall is a bad time for asthma sufferers. She coughed so much last night that she gooed her pillow in two huge spots and was up asking me to change her pillow case. It is sad, I am really tempted to keep her home from church on Sunday. I know that it is only Thursday, but what her doctor told me is that her lungs will take 1 month to heal from a cold and so she is more susceptible to getting sick over and over. If that happens then we have to start using the steroid inhaler and I want to avoid that. Poor little lady, and I think she is getting her other 2 two year molars. Maybe I will get to sleep though the night again before this season is over.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Frosty Morning

This post was initially going to be about how cold it is here. When I woke up at 7:30 it was 30 degrees and 1 hour later it is only 31. So very cold. Well Britt just called and he was in an accident this morning. At about 4 we was getting a new car to load it on his truck and the window was frosty. He had cleared enough to see where he was going and had just started accelerating and then the air bags deployed and the car was spinning. I guess there is a badly placed fire hydrant with concrete posts around it right in the middle of the driving lane. He says he has some burns on his face and is really sore, but otherwise ok. Inter Rail guy said he hates the hydrant and I am assuming since it is in a blind spot that others have accidents or near misses have happened. The fire department requires that it be right there though. Fortunately Liability insurance is going to cover it, but darn Britt will not get the award for least claims made for the year at the company party. I'm just glad he is ok, I know that this is going to be his reason for not going into work early again. I have harassed him about not going to work until after 8,9, and sometimes 10 so the one time he heads in at normal time he totals a new car, stinky luck is what I say.
On happier notes Alexis is talking so well. She talked to Great-Gramma Marie on the phone yesterday and gramma was so tickled at being able to understand her. We only live 35 minutes away and just don't get over there as much as we should. I would love to blame it on high gas prices but that is lame when it comes to great-gramma's that are as sweet as sweeter. We have a busy day today so we better get showered so our hair is dry before going outside. We have Mommy and Me luncheon with the ward, Pumpkin Patch with , and then I am talking at Standards Night for the youth, then we have a little girls night out for Relief Society at Applebee's. Somewhere in all that I need to fit in a nap for this girl and dinner! We have a few really fun activities planned for this spooky time of year! We are going to make Carmel apples with Blake and dry apples with my mom. The ward is having a carnival and trunk or treat on the 25th and we are going to the pumpkin patch as a family that morning too (the Koeller's are part of that family), then for family home evening on the 27th we are getting together with the Koeller's and making haunted house's out of cookie's and candy. Then for Halloween we are trick or treating the stores up here in Bonney Lake with Zack, Blake and Ashlee, then going over to the Koeller's house for chili, corn bread and treats. Kaitlynn and Kiley are taking Zack, Blake and Alexis to trick or treat their neighbors! I love this time of year except for frozen windshields that cause accidents. So the lesson I learned from Britt's deal is to scrape my whole window, not just right in front of me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picture Catch up

Here a bunch from the last two months! I took a picture of Alexis and Mallori before they moved. The baseball game with Payten, Alexis falling asleep on the couch after getting up before dawn and putting on multiple swim suits at once. Blake swimming with Alexis, us tiling our entry way, eating oranges and more fun stuff.

Pumpkin Patch visit #1

Ashlee and Alexis went to the pumpkin patch today. We decided to take the girls during the day when the crowds were small and while it was dry. It was sunny and not too chilly, and hardly anyone was there and so we were able to put the girls in all the cute places to take pictures without waiting. We got to go on a hay ride...for free! There was a group with a bunch of teenage boys (from the hood) and they let us jump on with them. Alexis thought it was fun and bumpy, Ashlee wasn't sure what to think! We timed it just right because it started to rain not too long after we left.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am using a bread machine for the first time ever! I hope the dough turns out because I am making the yummy cinna-bundt rools for breakfast tomorrow to eat during conference. I am going to laugh though if it doesn't turn out since that is my goal: to laugh more when things aren't going well. I tried really hard at the mall this afternoon though. Alexis is refusing to take naps during the day and then will crash at odd times in the evenings. She will stay in her room and play for 30 minutes. Sometimes she will say she has to go potty and so I take her in to go, she always goes too but when I put her back in her room she throws a huge fit. I think hope she will start taking naps again because she was a bear at the mall. She throw a huge and major fit because I was helping her with pushing the stroller. It took all I had to not get super mad. I found a out of the way alcove and just waited for her to calm down enough to continue. I was super embarrassed. I hope that as she learns to talk better we can cut down on the number of fits she takes, I have my fingers-crossed.

Saturday morning session

I just have to say that I have enjoyed the talks from this mornings session. I am so grateful to be able to hear and watch it. I especially enjoyed hearing about the new temples announced, Erin I bet you are too! Rome, Italy....very interesting. Maybe it will be done before Chris gets done with his mission. Erin if you stay there long enough going to the temple won't take as long! I am pleased that appropriate dress was talked about; I think flip flops at church are just awful and my daughter will not walk out of the house and enter the Lords house in them. My brain is already fussy on who was speaking, but I loved the talk about how grateful the family was for his father joining the church and how he will honor him forever, that really touched me and that his mother was there even in her 90's and how he would honor her always. Well the next session is going to start and Alexis is napping so I will get to hear it really well!