Thursday, October 16, 2008

$10.00 and pumpkin patch trip #2

We went on a field trip to Maris Farms yesterday with play-dayz and it was worth it. We got there a bit late but only missed the animal barn, Alexis saw it last week though. They got to feed the goats and then we went on a hay ride. They pulled us down to the corn maze and the kids got to go on a walk reading a story about Vickie the chick. The maze leads to the pumpkin patch for the field trip. We picked out kind of a big one since we are only getting one pumpkin this year{I seem to be the only one who likes to carve them so why get more!}. They told them about how pumpkins and corn grow and then we finished the hay ride. After that we went to the courtyard and they took the kids on a cow train. It was really cute and Alexis loved it!!!! They got to play on tractors and pump the water and then came the corn pit. This was crazy, they had so many corn kernels and the kids liked it. It was very dusty though, and made me itchy. When we left Britt and I both felt it was a good $10 spent.


Alexis has a cold. Now for most kids a runny nose is no big deal just gross, but not for Alexis. With this asthma she gets bad. The doctor warned us too that fall is a bad time for asthma sufferers. She coughed so much last night that she gooed her pillow in two huge spots and was up asking me to change her pillow case. It is sad, I am really tempted to keep her home from church on Sunday. I know that it is only Thursday, but what her doctor told me is that her lungs will take 1 month to heal from a cold and so she is more susceptible to getting sick over and over. If that happens then we have to start using the steroid inhaler and I want to avoid that. Poor little lady, and I think she is getting her other 2 two year molars. Maybe I will get to sleep though the night again before this season is over.

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