Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Frosty Morning

This post was initially going to be about how cold it is here. When I woke up at 7:30 it was 30 degrees and 1 hour later it is only 31. So very cold. Well Britt just called and he was in an accident this morning. At about 4 we was getting a new car to load it on his truck and the window was frosty. He had cleared enough to see where he was going and had just started accelerating and then the air bags deployed and the car was spinning. I guess there is a badly placed fire hydrant with concrete posts around it right in the middle of the driving lane. He says he has some burns on his face and is really sore, but otherwise ok. Inter Rail guy said he hates the hydrant and I am assuming since it is in a blind spot that others have accidents or near misses have happened. The fire department requires that it be right there though. Fortunately Liability insurance is going to cover it, but darn Britt will not get the award for least claims made for the year at the company party. I'm just glad he is ok, I know that this is going to be his reason for not going into work early again. I have harassed him about not going to work until after 8,9, and sometimes 10 so the one time he heads in at normal time he totals a new car, stinky luck is what I say.
On happier notes Alexis is talking so well. She talked to Great-Gramma Marie on the phone yesterday and gramma was so tickled at being able to understand her. We only live 35 minutes away and just don't get over there as much as we should. I would love to blame it on high gas prices but that is lame when it comes to great-gramma's that are as sweet as sweeter. We have a busy day today so we better get showered so our hair is dry before going outside. We have Mommy and Me luncheon with the ward, Pumpkin Patch with , and then I am talking at Standards Night for the youth, then we have a little girls night out for Relief Society at Applebee's. Somewhere in all that I need to fit in a nap for this girl and dinner! We have a few really fun activities planned for this spooky time of year! We are going to make Carmel apples with Blake and dry apples with my mom. The ward is having a carnival and trunk or treat on the 25th and we are going to the pumpkin patch as a family that morning too (the Koeller's are part of that family), then for family home evening on the 27th we are getting together with the Koeller's and making haunted house's out of cookie's and candy. Then for Halloween we are trick or treating the stores up here in Bonney Lake with Zack, Blake and Ashlee, then going over to the Koeller's house for chili, corn bread and treats. Kaitlynn and Kiley are taking Zack, Blake and Alexis to trick or treat their neighbors! I love this time of year except for frozen windshields that cause accidents. So the lesson I learned from Britt's deal is to scrape my whole window, not just right in front of me.

2 lil' notes:

shiree said...

your ward has such fun activities i wish our ward did stuff like that were still hopeing to move closer to bonneylake if not in bonneylake but it wont be untill after january. thats sucks about britt i swear that guy is always having accidents

Jenn said...

That sucks about Britt. Atleast he's okay.
I can't believe how cold it has gotten and how fast!