Monday, October 27, 2008

Alexis is cracking me up lately with her sentences. I fell like I am raising a teenager already though. Last night She was in her jamas and was drinking something and a little bit spilled on them so she climbed down and ran into her room and shut the door. A few minutes later she is pounding on the door so I go and open it. She has taken all her clothes off and put on pants and a headband. I got new jamas out, since I know that she will not put the wet ones on and it goes like this:

Mom: Here Alexis I got you new jamas out.

Alexis: They wet.

Mom: No I just got these ones out they are dry.

Alexis: No they wet. And she runs over to the door and yells: Get Out a Here. and slams the door shut on me.

Mom: I tell her to put her jamas on and get ready because now she has to go to bed.

So that is why I think she is already a teenager mentally. I was kind of laughing though because she seriously changes clothes 4 times a day and will put on a swim suit any chance she gets(please tell me she is not going to try for Sports Illustrated). She will not put underwear back on if she has gone #2, We go through 20 pairs in a matter of 4 days and they are 90% accident free.

She has been rolling the left over cookie dough out for 30 minutes, it is sticky and gross and she scolds the dog when he eats the bits that fall on the floor. She is just jabbering away and karate chopping it. Playing like it is a baby and singing rock a bye baby to it. Who know cookie dough could be so fun. I am trying really hard to limit how much TV she watches a day because she is obsessed with it, so far she is doing good. Since she broke the DVD Open Season she is really being limited to her movie access. She has figured out the the stool can be moved to anywhere in the house and she is getting into things that once where save. I am lucky with the Halloween candy because all she wants to eat is the suckers so I have been helping her out with the rest. She has cookie dough all over her so I think she will need a bath before bed! We are also going to work on a new bed time. She is trying so hard to just never go to sleep. Last night 11:30 and she was still pitching a fit in her room. I think that we have been so up and down on bed time because Britt is getting home so late and he wants to see her and play with her, but he just won't get up and go to work early so he can see her more. So I am going to be more firm and just put her to bed at 9. Well I am going to go eat some yummy cookies!

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Jenn said...

Okay that is way too funny! She does have her own little personality.