Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday morning session

I just have to say that I have enjoyed the talks from this mornings session. I am so grateful to be able to hear and watch it. I especially enjoyed hearing about the new temples announced, Erin I bet you are too! Rome, Italy....very interesting. Maybe it will be done before Chris gets done with his mission. Erin if you stay there long enough going to the temple won't take as long! I am pleased that appropriate dress was talked about; I think flip flops at church are just awful and my daughter will not walk out of the house and enter the Lords house in them. My brain is already fussy on who was speaking, but I loved the talk about how grateful the family was for his father joining the church and how he will honor him forever, that really touched me and that his mother was there even in her 90's and how he would honor her always. Well the next session is going to start and Alexis is napping so I will get to hear it really well!

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Horn Family said...

Yeppie!!! I am so happy about the Temple being built in Kansas City!!! I do hope to do a session in there at least once before we move! We should be here for a couple more years! We will see though. : ) I will at least have to stop in and do a session sometime even if we aren't stationed there!! Yes I am so excited!!! : ) I missed the second session because of a FRG thing and it so wasn't worth it!!! I will watch it again soon! : )