Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch #3

Saturday we headed to the pumpkin patch for the last time this season. We went to Farm Fresh Produce on Hwy 410. My family and the Koeller family had some fun picking out pumpkins and going on a hayride. We have gone on 3 hayrides this year but nothing compares to this one. We were on a trailer that the back end was touching the ground and was pulled behind a tractor. Then they took us out in the field that they use with the monster trucks or something because it is pour mud. With all of us on this trailer we were scraping bottom half the time. Then we would slide around and it the worry was there that we would get stuck, the driver assured is it wouldn't, but man it was crazy. Don't get me wrong it was fun, butt not the quiet ride around the farm you would expect. We didn't do the corn maze this year, we just didn't have time and decided against spending $5 a person to walk around in corn. I know party poopers but we are all trying harder to save money. The guys and kids then went and did the sling shot. Ben got a free pumpkin, Sam got 2 free pumpkins and Stephanie got a free pumpkin talk about lucky family. While the guys did that Alexis and Blake helped themselves to a apple. It was funny. After the patch we all went back to my parents house for scones and apple cider, yummy. The ward Halloween party was fun, the theme was The Wizard of Oz and everyone was really creative with their costumes. In one room they had a black light and balloons, Alexis loved it and spent most of her time in there with Brooklynn Jones. They played so well together. Alexis found lots of tokens on the floor and kept bring them to me and then I would toss them back in for the kids to find again. The trunk or treat was after that and Alexis filled up on suckers. I think she ate 4 in about 20 minutes. Since then she would get the stool and get her bucket of my dresser and eat suckers. Little girl is too smart because that stool is dragged everywhere. Anyways it was a fun day!

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