Friday, October 31, 2008

one little pumpkin

We carved our pumpkin last night. Alexis was a crack up, she would stick her hand in and get a few seeds and then get so excited she would shake. She tried to eat the pumpkin stuff and didn't like it too much! She drew the face on it and dad helped her cut it out, that is why it is hard to tell what it is. She didn't want to leave her pumpkin outside, we told her she can say goodnight to it before she went to bed and blow the candle out and so she finally came in the house. Good thing about toddlers is they forget still. Then I forgot to go blow the candle out! Ohwell we aren't gonna be home anyways tonight. I am so excited for her to trick or treat, she is gonna be so cute. She still doesn't say trick or treat very well, but I think she will catch on quick!

1 lil' notes:

Emma said...

I love the slide show of pictures on your blog...I need to figure out how to do that. Pictures are always my favorite...they truly say a thousand words.