Friday, November 7, 2008

Optical Check up

We went and got our eyes checked tonight. I choose an eye doctor down in Sumner at Sumner Family Eye Care. The doctor was great. She told us so much about eyes and took the time to make sure we were really happy. I already knew I needed glasses, but I guess I didn't really need a new prescription, although my glasses are really scratch. So picked out a new pair, they have the sun glasses that clip on with a magnet! Britt has to wear glasses part time. He is far sighted and I am near sighted. Funny thing is she said Britt's eyes have been to the gym and then some. It has to do with how he has learned to focus his eyes when things weren't clear enough. He got to pick out his first pair of glasses, he looks good with them on. I got a fun new pair that have pink on them! I can't wait to get them.

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Kate said...

I want to see a picture with you guys and the new glasses when they come in!!