Saturday, November 29, 2008

Operation in Britt's future

If you want an up date on our on going struggle with having a baby here it is, if you don't want to know just skip this post! In September I went to the doctor and we started with my fertility work up and Britt was told to go see the Urologist. He did that on Wednesday, it took forever to get in since the doctor was out until the beginning of November and then Britt had to change his appointment because he went hunting. So finally he got in and Dr. McClure confirmed our thoughts, Varicocele. Britt has been having pain and discomfort in that region and doctor says the only thing that can stop that is surgery. It is a minor procedure and he should only need a day or two to recover. So on Monday Britt will be scheduling that. It probably won't be until January though due to the doctors schedule. Then after a few months, I think Britt said 5, they will do another sample and see if the surgery has helped. There are no guarantees that this will increase his numbers, but it should take away the pain. In the end that is the important part. I am a bit annoyed though. 3 years ago we went to a doctor, while at group health, seeking the same diagnoses and the doctor said that it wasn't that serious and that he didn't feel surgery was necessary. Whatever, I guess at least this way it is a medical procedure due to the pain and discomfort and not as much fertility. I will be making sure that the doctor puts this surgery in to the insurance as medically necessary. Anyway that is our update....just so everyone knows this does set things back until spring at the earliest. In one small way it does bring some relief for me. I won't be stressing at the end of every month hoping that I am preggers! I think I will still think about it but with the numbers Britt pulled(4 million) at the test it isn't as likely. All though we aren't sure about those numbers since we had spent a lot of time in the hot tub 2 weeks ago, I guess that impacts it more then I thought. The Doctor said that10 million is needed to due any procedure so we have to get his numbers up. It does take the ball out of my court though! Doctor said Britt has had this varicocele since birth though, and I wonder if it is connected to the extra passage ways that he had in his face that had to be removed. We will be praying that this is the fix we need and that maybe things will progress in a more natural way.

I am grateful we live now though. 50 years ago nothing would have been able to fix this problem and we may have never had that hope of getting pregnant. Even 20 years ago it wouldn't have happened. I am happy that technology is on our side now and so relieved that it isn't unexplained infertility...that diagnosed scared me the most. So we all will just have to wait until spring to find out how well things have gone.

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Horn Family said...

We will be keeping you guys in our prayers!!!! We Love You!!!! We miss you!!!

leslie mae said...

Thanks for the update!! You're in our prayers {as always}! Good luck & keep us posted.

Jenn said...

Finally the answers you always knew or thought was the problem!