Thursday, November 13, 2008

Painting and a toddler

I have been doing a lot of painting the last few days and poor little Lou Lou has been doing her own entertainment. I am painting the doors that cover my pantry and laundry, it looks so awesome and I wish I would have done it years ago. While painting them I decided to paint the back door and it looked so great I painted the front door. Tomorrow I will put the second and hopefully last coat on the folding doors and then get to work on the trim in the hall. I am also going to paint all the doors in the hall, since they are dark brown and I have painted the trim white. I am so if I could just pick out the color for the other wall and the tile for the back splash! Baby steps, but it will get done since we are going to stay in this house for at least another year. While painting Alexis got really quiet so I stood up to see what she was doing and this is what I found.

Later Ashlee and Jen came over and Ashlee was standing by it and Alexis told her no. So she does listen to me because I told her that it is only for babies. I guess that also means that Ashlee isn't a baby as far as Alexis is concerned.
She also must have decided that the bagel with cream cheese and the grilled cheese sandwich I made for her were yucky, so she got out some canned goods for me to make. She got cream of chicken soup, tomato paste and chicken noodle soup. I went to make the soup for her and she insisted I add the tomato paste; good thing all I have to do is say that is yucky and she will agree. I don't think she is feeling 100% yet. She is really having a funny time right now. She wants me to rock her, and put her in the baby glider, and is not wanting to go potty, not having accidents just not wanting to go at all. I am thinking it is because I held Ellis a lot yesterday and she is just wanting the same treatment. I am going to having to start calling her a big girl instead of a baby and do the whole you are big so we get to do fun stuff that babies can't do. Hopefully that will help.

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Jenn said...

Ha. Poor Ashlee was probably confused since Alexis was telling her no to a Toy that Ashlee still knows is hers! lOL