Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Family Get Away

Great Wolf Lodge was so much fun! We played in the water for hours on the first day. We also bought a wand for the kiddos to share. They liked it for a little while but the water park definitely had more appeal. We went out to Pizza Hut since it would have been a lot for Steph's family($70 for one meal at the buffet and $40 for us, yikes). When we got back the kids where done swimming for the night and Grandma took them down to story time while Britt, Steph, Jon and I hit the water park for the last hour before closing. There was so few people in that we went down the big slides as fast as we could climb the steps, 92 to the top. I was dying after the 8th or 9th time so I went in the hot tub with Steph for a little while. Then we went and played in the arcade for a bit and then went and put the kids to bed. Alexis went to sleep so fast and Britt and I watched a show and ate popcorn. The next morning we played in the arcade and did the wand game for a bit and then played in the water park for the rest of the day. I put Alexis down the red slide and she fell back and bumped her head...and cried the whole way down spinning around and around. She was done after that, I felt really bad. So we showered and went out in the lobby and had ice cream and pizza and waited with Grandpa for everyone else to get done. It was so fun, but next year we will do things different. We will get a room with a fire place and spend the first day doing everything but the water park and then the second day will be non stop water fun! If you haven't gone yet you should go it is fun! I will post pictures tomorrow.

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Goff Six Adventures said...

Fun! We went last May & had a blast! We're going again in January for Braeden's bday (it was this instead of having a bday party).