Thursday, November 20, 2008

9 Years and counting

I am honestly so surprised that it has been 9 years. It really doesn't feel like it, all day I have been thinking about how different things are today from how they were 9 years ago. We are so different, for the better too. Our family has grown by one, we wish there were a few more, and we live in our own home and have every single need being met. Britt is a hard worker and takes very good care of us. He is a good husband and father, he takes us to church and honors his priesthood. He is always ready to serve those in need which blesses all of us. We have struggled and succeed and done it all together. I am looking forward to the rest of our lives here on earth and beyond with Britt. I bought him new cologne Double Black, he has been wanting it for a year, and I also got him a pair of jeans. I realized as I was shopping for his cologne that he has old man pants and I really can't be walking around with a old man in old man pants! HAHAHA, I told him that I got him something that will make him cool! He told me he hadn't gotten me a gift yet, all I want is a pedicure without a child around. Sweetie offered to give me a pedicure, but then somehow I just don't think we will get around to that this time of year. So I will go get one done. I am cooking us Chicken Fajitas for dinner, yummy, and molten chocolate cake, double yummy. Happy Anniversary Britton, I love you!

3 lil' notes:

Emma said...

YEA! We were married in 1999 too, so it's nine for us too. Congradulations!

Kate said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Miss you guys!

leslie mae said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 9 years?!! THAT ROCKS!!! You guys are awesome & amazing and I wish we got to hang out with you!! Yeah, we wanna be just like you!!! Congrats on the anniversary! Oh, and I wanna know how to make that scrumptious sounding chocolate heaven of a cake!