Saturday, November 22, 2008

Help me dress my girl!!!!

I need some opinions. I bought this skirt for her Christmas outfit and I got a killer deal, I had $10 gap bucks and so I paid nothing for it!!! Anyways my mom and I found a super cute button down shirt at Carter's and thought it would be great, it looks like she is going square dancing though. So I found this shirt at Target and I think it looks ok, the sweater is a no go though. Anyways I bought 2T in the skirt and the girl has gotten so skinny around the waste that it won't stay up. I put a safety pin in it but it put little marks in the material. I need to find a way to make it stay up or just go get the 18 to 24 month size.

So first do you think the skirt and shirt look ok together?

Second do you have any ideas on how to fix the waist without ruining the material?

I may just go get the smaller size but I am not going to the Supermall today and Southhill mall doesn't have a Gap anymore. If the skirt was about 1.5 inches smaller in the waist it would be fine. I don't know if the next size down would be too short though. I think the Christmas outfit is starting to stress me out. On a good shopping note I got this really cute reversible vest at Children's Place for $1.99 and a shirt and dress for the same plus a baseball hat for $.99.
* The shirt is sparkly and you have no idea how hard it was to convince her to leave the tags on during this fashion show. The socks are knee highs, I finally found some and had to get them, but now I wonder if I should have gotten white, what do you think white or cream?

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Jenn said...

Could easily put a belt on the skirt with a bow!