Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rockband 1

Last night we went to Phil and Josie Schaubs and played rockband for the first time ever. It was fun, I learned why no recording studios ever came knocking at my door. I actually already knew why, but it was great to be reminded. My singing was painful to all in the room, even Alexis tried to take the mic from me. She had fun singing during the free singing time thing. Britt has totally fallen in love with it. He is itching to buy it. He has been warned though if he buys it before Christmas day then he will get nothing under the tree. Every year he always buys what he wants right before Christmas leaving me scrambling to find something to wrap. Last year I wrapped up the air soft gun that he bought a few weeks before Christmas. He didn't think it was that cool, but well he spent $150.00 on it. So we will see if he is unwrapping an empty Rockband box this year, or if it will be NIB Christmas morning. I hope he waits it will just be that much more fun. I am almost done with Alexis for presents just a few more little things and the stocking stuff. I think I am going to go light on the stockings this year and just do the orange some candy and maybe something small. So far she is getting Sleeping Beauty, a computer link system, Dora memory, lace cards, a shake and go car and some puzzles. I really want to get her Don't Spill the Beans and Cooties games and Target has them for $4 this week. I need to get Chad, Kate and Mallori bought for and get that sent off and then our parents and then my side too. Fun can't wait to hit the stores Friday Morning!

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Melanie Love said...

Jonathan does the same thing!! He is always buying himself what I have already bought him for Christmas!