Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some pictures to enjoy

We have been so busy that even taking pictures has been hard. We went to the bridge lighting in Sumner last night. We got there right as the fireworks started going off and hurried up and got out of the car. unfortunatley 2 exteremly large trains choose to passby at the same time blocking our view and making it impossible to cross the tracks. Honestly that is the closest i have ever been to a speeding train. If we would have walked 25 feet the train would have hit us. After that the party moved down the street to Windmill Garden and they had Santa come from the bridge in a parade and then light up the gardens, it was fun and the kids loved it. Alexis was a little nervous about Santa, but she still let me take her picture with him. I think I am going to put them on as a slide though so enjoy.

Some of the pictures were taken by Alexis! She has a little photography thing going on right now.

p.s. if the slide show freezes click on the bottom corner and click the album and you can view all the pictures!

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Kate said...

I LOVE the pictures!! I miss everybody. Alexis is soo big- she looks like a "big" girl, not like a toodler any more. I love your Family photo at the Sumner lighting thing. Too cute! Miss you!