Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday of Rambling Thoughts

I just got done eating rice pudding, yummy. My parents like it with way to many raisins though. I think I will make it again for family home evening after we eat our taco soup and talk about emergency preparedness. The Emergency Preparedness fair Saturday had so much info that it is gonna take some time to sort through. They had a 72 make a kit station set up, it was a good kit. It is in a rubber maid with water, hand warmers and a blanket. I made one up for our car. I also have a back pack one(although that one is not as hearty as the car one I just made), I figure if we are stranded somewhere there is beef jerky and pudding for me since Alexis won't eat it.
She says the most amazing prayers and it makes me so happy to hear her pray. She loves nursery, even if Porter and her get each other. Today was kind of girl power day in nursery. Porter attacked Ella and so Alexis attacked him...poor guy he picked the wrong day to pick on the girls. I often wonder if Alexis will ever really get along with kids her age. She adores any child who is about 1.5 years older and up. I was always the same way so I wonder if it is an oldest child thing. I start watch the Schaub kids this Wednesday and so I hope that she can learn to be a great friend to Evana(she does good most of the time) because with baby Ellis and 2 toddlers I really don't want the girls to have issues. It helps that Evana is walking and able to express herself better. I am going to be pulling out puzzles and making up games like crazy to keep the two entertained. I figure I can handle 1 to 2 days a week, if not I have no reason trying to have more kids. Could you imagine Alexis being an only child....horror....spoiled beyond brat and many other adjectives that mean really bad idea. She desperately needs someone to have to share mommy and daddy with. Although I am sure she would argue with that!
The primary program was today. Our Sunbeams did so good, they wiggled of course and bounced up and down while singing, moved their chairs around, but when it was time to speak they did awesome. I was moved to tears often when the kids would sing and the spirit just filled me up to the top and when they spoke their parts I overflowed. Our bishop said a few words and talked about building the strongest and greatest generation ever and I realized how much more important our children are to the future of this world. Of course I always felt that the children I am close to a important to me, but they are so much more then that. I am grateful that I have the true gospel in my life and that I can take my daughter to church and have a whole community of amazing people help me raise her and teacher her. I am really grateful to her nursery leaders that love Alexis and teach her and are helping making her great. Sister Burnside today told me that Alexis is going to be a very strong and important person when she is older. I always have said that the reason it is taking us so long to have children is because our children are going to be very important to the church. I now know that it is true as it is true of all the kids that are being born. Growing up I was taught that we are a royal generation and I believe we are and that our children are born of that generation to be the most choice and most righteous that have ever come forward.
This is a really long post sorry I have a lot to say, not uncommon for those who know me well! Alexis is the cutest helper ever. I was making dinner tonight and she was pulling herself up to look at what I was doing. I was worried that she would grab the cutting board and pull a very sharp knife and cut up onions on top of her head, so I told her to get the stool. She was stand there while I browned the meat and playing with the cans so I handed her a towel and asked her to wipe the tops off. Smart little cookie didn't even need me to show her how and she wiped them all down while telling daddy: "I helpin me." It was so cute and then she got to pour it all in the crock pot, except the hot meat. She then climbed up and sat on the bar stool and said "I want eat." Cute! I can't wait until she is even more of a help!

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