Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Heros

Today has been a very emotional day. I am so proud of the men and women that have and still do serve our country. They are the bravest people and I respect them so much. We are in great debt to them as they have fought and died or been injured to keep us free.

Fremont J. Martin served in WWII, he is my Grandpa. He was stationed in the Philippines and was one of the last people to leave the island before the Japanese invaded. He and a few other soldiers were left with the task of destroying all paperwork and military equipment. As they were throwing things into the sea they found Purple Heart Medals. There was enough for each man to have one and they brought them home to their families to honor them for their sacrifice.

Leo Roy Bleazard served in the Korean War. He was very brave and once he got back to the USA he said that there was no reason for him to ever leave our wonderful country.

Gregory I Martin, my dad, was in the Army. He was only able to serve for a short time due to medical problems but he served the best he could.

Lim Horn is currently in the Army and serving in Iraq on his second tour of duty. I am very proud of him and glad he will be home soon.

Joshua Carter is my cousin and has just graduated as a Marine. He is brave and I am grateful that in these scary times in this world that he is joining the brave to protect us.

These are just a few men that have and still are serving our country and I want to say THANK YOU.

2 lil' notes:

Collett Family said...

Thank you for your comments about Grandpa.

Horn Family said...

Thanks Crystal!!! You're going to make me cry!!! Thank you for your support and the Love!!! You're AWESOME!!!! I can't wait for Lim to get home!!!!! Wahooo not too much longer!!!! : )