Monday, June 30, 2008

Chenuis Falls hike

What a fun day! We got to sleep in to start with, Alexis did wake up 6 but she fell back asleep in between us on top of the covers and so we slept until 9, nice. We then got ready to go on a hike with Chad, Kate and Mallori up to the Carbon River Glacier area. It was a great day for hiking only 75 up there and not as muggy as yesterday, the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife and we had an awesome lightening storm. Anyways I get so sidetracked sometimes, the girls were great in the backpacks, the boys didn't complain as much as I thought they could have. Alexis did fuss at us for a minute or so each time we put her back in the pack, but that was it. They both snoozed for a while and played; they would reach out and touch hands when Chad and Britt walked side by side it was adorable. They would laugh and laugh as they tried! We didn't get to go right up to the falls because the bridge was down, would you believe that it came down during the night the ranger said it was up yesterday! But it probably wouldn't have been safe anyways they river was so full that it was almost touching the first bridge and pouring down the falls so fast that with the girls it would have been unwise. It was a great day!
this is what is was supposed to look like(we have been there before and it was beautiful) This time it was amplified 100%! Maybe we will try it again later when the melt off is chilled out! If you want a hike with a good wide smooth road for most of the hike then choose this one, beware the road has been really damaged at one part and so you have to hike in the full 3.7 miles and then back out so not a quick one and as we found out the log bridges across the river can wash out anytime! I will post pictures tomorrow!

Friday, June 27, 2008

What a week!

Thursday while we where at Bob and Shannon's wedding dinner my mom called us to tell us that Alexis was having a very hard time swallowing anything and would just scream when she did. We thought that it might be strep throat and came home thinking that we where going to have to take her to an Urgent Care, but guess what they all close by 10pm, which left the ER. Now I know that some people would have taken their kids in right away, but we looked at it objectively and this is what we thought about
1. ER is where sick people go: chance of getting something else
2. long hours of waiting: if we get there by 11pm we may not even get seen until 2am and who knows how long until we get home
3. complete sleep loss and a baby running around a germ filled hospital
4. same day clinic opens at 8 and is only 5 minutes from home; hospital is 30 minutes
5. While looking for Urgent care places Alexis fell asleep

So we took her home and had 2 to 3 hour stretches of sleep and then she would wake up for a few minutes and cry; Britt totally was my hero. My superman took charge of her last night and let me get sleep. Alexis at one point was in our bed and side ways on Britt's pillow so he came out on the couch, Alexis woke up and came out here to find him it was funny. OK so she woke up at 6:30 I think and she was happy and smiling; but I was not deceived she still didn't want to eat much. I got us both ready to go and was at the clinic right at 8 and was the 3rd person there(A guy from our ward was there so I even had someone to talk to)! Alexis was sound asleep and I had to wake her to weigh her, after that she let the doctor check her breathing, heart, tummy ears and mouth. She was really concerned about her tonsils she said they were huge and ordered a strep test. She also said that she had an ear infection(first time for the left ear). The doctor looked at the rash behind her knees and said it was eczema and asked me if she had any breathing problems. So I explained the coughing after running around and how she wheezes, but the last doctor we saw wouldn't diagnose her with asthma until she was 2. This doctor said that with her sensitive skin and the breathing problems I described that I already had my diagnoses....ASTHMA, she gave us a referral to a pediatric pulmonary specialist. I am relieved because I knew she had a problem and was frustrated that he gave me a wimpy albuteral inhaler and that it isn't strong enough to stop an attack it just helps lesson it by a little. So after playing ring-a-round-the-rosies, making all the animals sounds she knows, singing songs, looking for birds out the window and playing hide and go seek, by the way Alexis thinks that facing the wall is a great hiding spot, she doesn't have strep throat just tonsillitis and the doctor said that it was probably due to the ear infections and she is not contagious. We where there for 1 hour and 15 minutes and Alexis was marvelously well behaved. We got her prescription filled and she was really good in Walmart for the 20 minutes that it took. The only fight we had from her all day was giving her the antibiotic; it took both of us and it was a nightmare. She fought us with every single drop of that darn stuff. 9 more days and then we will be a much happier family! Alexis is asleep in her own bed so hopefully she stays there too.

Bob and Shannon got sealed today and it was a great ceremony, the reception was nice and we got to catch up with friends we have seen in awhile. We also got to meet Bryce, Jonathon and Melanie's son, he is super cute and lots of fun. It has been a full week and tomorrow we all get to bake away while the mercury is climbing into the 90's, our pool isn't set up yet so yes if you talked to me you would hear whining. Going to go to bed and cross my fingers she sleeps!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So tired

What a exhausting night here at the Bergman's house. Alexis started running a fever yesterday morning of 100.1, low but she was clingy. She took three naps which if you know Alexis is not normal and the girl wouldn't let me get more then three feet away from her with out bursting into tears. When I put her to bed she was warm still but I had already given her Ibuprofen about 2 hours prior and she just crashed. Anyways she had been asleep about 30 minutes when she started moaning and crying, when I went in she was shaking and burning up at 102.9. So I woke her up and gave her Tylenol and Britt called my dad to come help give her a blessing. We gave her a Popsicle and some water, she must have thought she scored big getting a Popsicle at 10:00 at night, and then I rocked her and she went back to sleep. Well at 12 she tried to get up and come find me but was to shaky or something and so she just sat on the floor. I figured it was going to be a long night of getting up so I tried to sleep on the couch with her. She had such a hard to getting to sleep and it took me 4 tries to sit down after getting to sleep, finally I just put a movie on and let her watch a few minutes to relax her. She then fell asleep with me until just after 5. She threw a huge fit for me about taking more medicine and I took her temperature it was 97.9. She was a little stinker about going back to sleep for Britt and finally they both ended up in our bed with me and we didn't wake up until 8:40. She is still a bit crabby but isn't as hot and she hasn't had medicine since 5 this morning. I don't know why she got such a high fever but I think the blessing really helped. It is so sad when they get sick and Alexis has never shook like that with a fever so it was really scary . It may not have been a fully febrile seizure but it sure seemed like it to me. It was very scary. Hopefully she is feeling better today since we have a wedding dinner tonight and the wedding tomorrow of some very good friends. Well of to bath her since she wants her shoes on to go outside and play.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Oh my goodness what a yuck day. Britt went to work at 10 and got of at 3; in that time some low life cut the Catalytic Converter off our Tacoma. So when Britt started his truck up to come home it was very loud, he then got out to see what was going on and discovered the theft. Called the police and they said this is the first time they have had a report off this happening recently. Any who so he had to stop on the way home at Midas and get a new one put on. $228.00 later his truck is much quieter. It is really silly because his truck is 9 years old and the converter was probably going to go out soon, I really want to sell the truck. Hopefully it will be gone by the end of summer.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad

I decided that my Dad and Britt deserved their own posts on Father's Day. My dad has always been there for me. I could always count on my dad to help me even when I cut class he backed me up so I didn't get in trouble at school. Since he has retired he comes over all the time and visits with me and plays with Alexis. He goes garage sale looking with me and goes to the store. I know that if I call him needing something he will do his best to help me. Last week he watched Mallori and Alexis so that us girls could go to something fun for a little while. He loves his grand children and loves being with them. I love him because he is a great dad and grandpa!


Father's day is a wonderful day here at our house. Britt is a great dad and we love him to pieces. He woke up to breakfast in bed and his favorite treat, chocolate covered fruit! We then got ready for church and made it on time(big surprise!), taught our little sunbeams who were amazingly full of energy, and came home and started dinner. My family all came over and we barbecued ribs and corn(we had a bit of a flame issue and so everything was covered with black) baked potatoes and jello. It was really yummy even with all of our mouths turning black. Alexis and Ben played in the sprinkler and the rest of us relaxed. Then we played the Wii and had strawberry shortcake and key lime pie.

Britt has so much love for us and would do anything in his power to keep us safe. I love how gently he is with Alexis and even that he isn't afraid to wrestle her. Alexis always loves it when daddy comes home because he lets her jump on the bed, scream in the house and eat whatever she wants. He always has her laughing and they play hide and go seek, and is just silly with her. He is a great husband too. I am so grateful for the father that he is and will become as the years go by. Happy Father's day Britt, you are the best. We LOVE you so much.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We took the animals to the Zoo

We went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo on Thursday and had a lot of fun with the kiddos!

A car

After weeks of searching garage sale after yard sale, I finally found a car for her. She came in the back yard and got right in. I got this car for $1, yes that is right one buck! I am so excited and glad to be done with the hunt especially after last weekend. My dad and I headed out to find a car and went to the Tapps Island annual sale($5 admission) We went through that whole place and turned on the last road and spotted one, my dad jumps out of the car and heads for it and about 3 feet from victory a lady picked it up. It was very frustrating. I am happy to say that car was selling for $10, so if you take include the price of the admission to the sale last week the car still only cost $6! I am done with garage sales now and will begin to enjoy my Saturdays!

First Week of June

Last week Alexis and I walked down to get the mail. When we started out it hadn't rained for about 2 hours so I thought we would be fine. By the time we got to the mailboxes I started to feel drops, and about 1 minute later it started pouring. I told Alexis to run and she did, but her running is not so fast so I put her on my back. Her first rain boot fell off and so I knelt down to pick it up and then the second one came off so had to get that one too. I start running as fast as I could with rain boots and the mail in one hand and holding her on with the other hand and we got drenched. We were so wet that We required a full change of clothes. I took a picture of her to show how wet we got in such a short amount of time.
Where's the baby?
I found this tunnel with 4 play huts for $10 and a garage sale. Good find.
This is how we found her one morning after she slept in until 10AM.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunscreen or Snow suit

She is back!!!! Erin and her boys decided to leave the crazy tornado weather in Kansas and head for more mild weather....well surprise our weather is yucky too. What is with the wind today. A little bit of weather facts for you from Komo 4 news. The average temp so far this month has been 57 degrees and that is 12 degrees colder then our normal. This has been the coldest first 8 days in June ever and then record of 12 days in June with the temp staying under 60 is in jeopardy of being broken this year. The good news is they say we will get a summer this year and starting Wednesday we should climb to nearly 70 and stay there for 5 days(that is as far as the forecast goes). So while our Mountains get snow dumped(a foot tonight) on them in June and we are freezing our bums off we also have to worry about global warming....Please can we get some of that warming to blow in with these 40 MPH winds we have been having all day. Trees are falling on houses and all really makes it feel like winter, by the way the news is calling this month June-ary.

Friday, June 6, 2008


I think that I am giving up on taking Alexis grocery shopping. Britt and I went for our bi-monthly big trip to Fred Meyer and while looking at new comforter sets (Britt picked one out that I am sure will grow on me!) Alexis screamed and cried because she wanted to run around the store. Usually when both of us are there we let her roam because one of us can follow her easily, but today she refused to wear her shoes. I would put them on and she would immediately kick them off, so glad we were in the back of the store hidden among big blanket bags because people might have wondered why it took two adults to put rain boots on a toddler. Needless to say we strapped her in the cart with the belt tight so she couldn't wiggle out, and she screamed and screamed. We couldn't even hear each other talking, so we walked to the end of the isle and just talked about comforters until she stopped. She didn't stop, so Britt went to take her out to the car, I walked around and started shopping when I heard her laughing. When I found them they were playing in the camping first I thought Britt you are not teaching her to play in the displays and then I thought WHO CARES, if they set it up they have to expect kids to go in the tent they even put a sleeping bag inside. I then decided to see if they had a pair of shoes that we could buy that she would wear, found some crocs that fit and she was pumped about and away we went, problem solved. She finished the shopping excursion out with walking herself over to the bakery and standing there waiting until someone noticed her and gave her a cookie (don't worry Britt was there he was just standing back to see what she would do) she also tried going back 3 times for another cookie! Anyways, she helped us put groceries in the cart and then take them out of the basket to purchase them. I wonder if the shopping trip would have gone better if we hadn't gone geocaching before.
In all I think 1 learned 2 valuable lessens:

1. shoes need to be fastened more rain boats except to play in the rain
2. I can not go shopping by myself right now

I can't wait until she is 2 and can go in play land. I think I am going to go to Fred Meyer on her birthday put her in play land for the 1 hour allowed and go back in the comforter section and just sit down and do nothing! Wouldn't that be lovely? Well I gotta go she is sitting on the couch laying on my heating pad...I promise I don't sit like that all day long! Well it is almost time for me to work out so I better get ready.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was Tagged by Jenn and Shiree, good thing it is the same one!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. I was at Snow College
2. I drove a bright green Geo Metro
3. watched Friends religiously
4. learned to crochet like a crazy lady
5. went to sock hops every weekend

5 things on my to do list:
1. Clean out my house
2. Pull weeds
3. paint my living room and kitchen, hall and finish Alexis's room
4. get pregnant
5. take a nap

favorite snacks/food:
1. brownies
2. ice cream
3. mexican food
4. mint m&m's
5. chips and dip

5 Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. Buy a big house
2. Pay off our bills
3. throw a big huge party at me new house
4. Buy a whole new closet full of cloths
5. buy all new furniture

5 bad habits:
1. taking naps
2. complaining
3. not calling people back
4. cleaning my floors multiple times a day
5. being crabby to Britt

5 places I have lived:
1. Olympia, WA
2. Ephriam, UT
3. Magna, UT
4. Lake Tapps, WA
5. Bonney Lake, WA

5 people I tag:
1. Kate Dahle
2. Emma Beck
3. Cassie Jensen
4. Stephaine Peck
5. Erin Horn

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Wall!

i just got pictures developed from snap fish and so I put them in their prospective frames on
my family picture wall... it is not done because I am changing them to all be horizontal and Jesse's picture is not updated because I wanted the picture to have little Cory in it. Also my brother is not up there because well he is anti-pictures. I need one of Kate and her family too because Chad had to work when we took all these pictures. The next thing that I need to do is finish painting the wall, if only this girl would take a good nap. Then I want to put up a vinyl that says Families Are Forever! I am ordering the vinyl today. I want new frames too, we will see what I find as I venture out! I would put up a family picture but we aren't going to have the whole family together for awhile, so hopefully next year we can arrange it if Lim and Erin are here! Britt and I are blessed to have such a big family and love all of you!
I need to get a picture of the three kids from my side up to and maybe a sibling picture to. I love the one of Britt and his siblings it is just fun and the cousins picture is just the cutest.

Bare bum alert!

Alexis is for sure getting potty trained this summer. She has been very insistant on having her diaper changed the second she potty's even just a little and tonight she said "mommy" and I looked up to see this.

So I get the wipes and went to change her and she was bone dry. I told her she didn't need a diaper change and went back to checking my email. I looked up just one minute latter when I heared velcro and she was running away with a bare bum. She went around the kitchen and came back with out a shirt on. Warning bare bum alert.

So I put panties on her and brought her potty out into the living room, because there is no way she would run to the bathroom yet. She has been pulling them down and sitting on the potty every few minutes. So maybe if we ever get some sun we could work on this outside. Who knows, maybe we could be diaper free before the year is over....trying to be realistic about potty training a almost 2 year old, even though it is a exciting thought. The only thing is I am going to have to find a way to get over the public toilet thing, the thought of her touching one makes me want to throw up. so anyways as accomplishments go 15 minutes of being dry without a diaper and before she freed her checks it had been 1 hour since I changed her. She also has to take the panties all the way off to sit down and then puts them back on.

Monday, June 2, 2008

He's back

Jinx came back. Little stinker. After Alexis's bath I decide to go look for him and saw him when I was getting my shoes out of my closet! I got my garden planted....THANK YOU JENN, for watching Alexis while I finished weeding and planting. I didn't plant my beans though, oh well, I got my baby pumpkins and carving pumpkins in; last time we planted pumpkins we got 10 huge ones. I ended up carving all but 2 by myself because Britt wouldn't help me. So I am excited and can't wait for Alexis to help me carve them. So even though I am excited about summer I am really excited for fall too!

Escape (said like Dory on finding Nemo)

I woke up this morning to this opening next to our AC. Jinx has tried on a few occasions to get this open and hasn't been successful until now. I have know idea where he is or how long he has been out. It is kind of scary because he doesn't have his back claws and with all the construction they have been doing there have been bear sightings. We also have cougars and coyotes, raccoons too. Hopefully he is ok, but this is the farthest her has ever wonder from home, usually he is just on the other side of the fence. I am really bummed. He was in the house when Britt left at 2:40, so he could have been out there for hours.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Pics

Rudy napping with the baby doll
Watching a movie with her new boots on
Crashing after waking up at 5AM