Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Week of June

Last week Alexis and I walked down to get the mail. When we started out it hadn't rained for about 2 hours so I thought we would be fine. By the time we got to the mailboxes I started to feel drops, and about 1 minute later it started pouring. I told Alexis to run and she did, but her running is not so fast so I put her on my back. Her first rain boot fell off and so I knelt down to pick it up and then the second one came off so had to get that one too. I start running as fast as I could with rain boots and the mail in one hand and holding her on with the other hand and we got drenched. We were so wet that We required a full change of clothes. I took a picture of her to show how wet we got in such a short amount of time.
Where's the baby?
I found this tunnel with 4 play huts for $10 and a garage sale. Good find.
This is how we found her one morning after she slept in until 10AM.

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