Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So this year has zoomed by so fast I can hardly believe it. Funny how at the beginning I was 4 months pregnant and thought time was going to drag on by. I guess in a way it did go slow but that was only those last few weeks before Megan was born. Now she is almost 6 months old and such a fun and sweet girl. She loves to spit, laugh at Alexis, grab her toes, jump in the bouncer, look at the Christmas lights, shake her toys, and people watch. She is more sensitive then Alexis and startles easy, totally dislikes being on her tummy; so much so she only rolls half way. The bottom half rolls over and then rolls up on her side and does it over and over to move around the room. She adores her sister, absolutely adores her. Alexis loves to dance and sing, she does shows for us. Loves to dress up and be a princess. Alexis has such a great sense of humor and is always laughing. She is in preschool and loves it, loves her teacher and her classmates. Alexis loves to draw and color. She wrote me a picture story last night about a snow man. Loves parties, birthday party, Christmas party, pj party any kind is her favorite! Britt is still working hard delivering cars. He just got back from Georgia picking up his brand new truck! He is very excited about that. I am doing the mom thing, I love my kids so much. Every single cell in my body loves them! I am looking forward to next year, seeing Megan turn 1, Alexis go to school and doing my new calling!

3 lil' notes:

Chastina said...

What a great card!

Shirley B. said...

I love your Christmas Card! What cute pictures of your family!
Merry Christmas to you all and I'll see you real soon.

Jennifer said...

Love the card! Cute little family :) We love you guys!