Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our holidays

Christmas is over, it was great! Alexis absolutely loved every second of it from putting up lights, decortating the tree and wrapping presents. She lived and breathed on the hopes of presents. She got a glow board from Santa and asked daddy to color the picture and has erased it yet (so it has been played with except to turn on the lights and watch it for a few minutes). Megan really liked that pretty boxes kept getting placed in front of her, she would grab them and smile and even ripped the paper off. It was pretty cute. Our tree was down on the 27th and now it seems it was a month ago. New Years eve found our family in different states. Britt was in Oregon on his way home and we were here in Washington. It was sad and weird, didn't even feel like a holiday. The girls and I went to the Keven and Shiree's and partied until Alexis started complaining of a headache. So we packed up and drove home. While on that 15 minutes drive Alexis threw up and then fell asleep. Sad and gross, so she had a bath at 11pm and we watch Despicable Me until midnight. A few minutes later she threw up again, lovely. I called Grandpa in for a blessing and then went to bed. Very anticlimactic for sure. School has started back up and so life is speeding by again. I will post our Christmas pictures later!

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Chastina said...

What a pain to have her throw up. Other than that it sounds like a great holiday!