Sunday, January 30, 2011


Megan is getting teeth! Her first little pearl broke the gums today before church. I am excited but sad at the same time. I absolutely adore her gummy smile. I know I will love the toothy one too, but the gums. I truly don't want her to grow up fast at all. It doesn't bother me one bit if another baby is doing something at a younger age then Megan. I love it when she snuggles me and just wants me to hold her...I hope it never changes. Both girls have a cough that won't go away so I have gotten extra cuddles, even from Alexis who barely sits down. I Love my Family!!! I think I will throw some pictures on the post....maybe a gummy smile from the mushy squishy.Don't you just love it!!! I sure do.
This is typical Alexis, if she is happy about something this is what you will see. Jumping, laughing and smiles!
I just love babies sleeping with daddy!

Alexis has a reward system at school, the teacher has a little chart and she gets to have smiley faces or frowny faces marked on it. We have promised her that we will take her to Great Wolf Lodge at the end of the year if she keeps get mostly smiley faces. Well tonight I reminded her to say her prayers and then left, I came back a few seconds later and heard her asking for help in getting all smiley faces so that she could go to GWL. She said I know I can do it. It melted my heart to hear her asking for help. If I could I would take her right now just for that prayer. She is such a good example to me of how we are supposed to believe and have faith.

2 lil' notes:

Chastina said...

Love the smiles. Alexis jumping for joy is adorable!

Kate said...

The picture with Britt and Megan is so sweet!