Monday, October 26, 2009

Doctor visit #1

Today we went to see Nancy Spencer for our first appointment. I love that she is family oriented. Alexis sat on the bed while she did a quick ultrasound to peek at the baby. It was hard for Alexis to understand since the baby is so small. I am 7 weeks 3 days and due June 14, 2010. She is sending me for another ultrasound on Friday so they can take a closer look and really pin point a due date since this was so un-expected and I wasn't really paying attention to my cycles. Britt mentioned that he thinks it is multiples, she could only see one baby but said that the other ultrasound will show everything. I think there is only one though. I asked why my pants are tight already and she said that it is Britt I am not over eating and just getting fat, lol. She drew blood and the family veins proved themselves worthy and wouldn't give up blood. She finally got her 2 vials on the 3rd try. My arm is killing me and I can't pick things up or bend it. I am sure I will have a giant bruise. I don't have another appointment until right before Thanksgiving. I will scan the picture in here for all to see our little pea!
It is in a zip lock bag because Alexis keeps looking at it. I think I will put it in a plastic frame or something to protect it and so that she can look at it. That is what all the waves are in the picture.

3 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

Very exciting! I had one appt with Ashlee that the tech had a hard time getting blood and my arm was soooooo sore! So exciting for you guys!

Megan said...

That is so awesome, Crystal! Hope you're feeling well so far!

Shirley B. said...

I am sooo very excited for you both (you three!) and can hardley wait for each new tidbit of news!
Keep 'em coming and I'll just eat 'em up.
the doting grandma