Monday, December 28, 2009

16 weeks

Today we had our 16 week appointment. Alexis got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and was very excited. I will have to video how she says the baby sounds, it is cute. When I laid down she got on the bed and said "It's ok mom, it's going to be fine!" Then she heard the beating and said that's the baby. All day she has been telling me "my baby is making sounds" or "Do you hear that mom it's my baby!" I just love this kid and how funny she can be. She won't give up that she has a sister in her tummy. The other day we had her introduce herself so that the baby knows who is always yelling, crying, talking,, and she laid down and started talking to her tummy.

My uterus is just bellow my belly button, right where it is supposed to be and the heart beat sounds great. Blood pressure good, glucose good. The big ultrasound is scheduled for January 27th. I have reconciled myself that Britt is dying to find out what the baby is, so we will find out as long as baby cooperates. I will not be heartbroken if he/she is shy! It is probably for the best since Britt thinks it is a boy so strongly, so if it is a girl he can switch tracks long before the baby comes.

He is getting a little wild with names though. I may have to name this baby by myself. Magnuson Britton Bergman is just not going to make the cut. Yes I understand that it is technically a family name and that he competes in the World's Strongest Men competitions but I just can't do it. He also has thrown in a Carmichael and of course Preston. All of these make me want to cry and it is the only time I think maybe it will be a girl and then it won't matter. I made the mistake of saying Magnum is as close to magnuson as I can get....bad, bad, bad. I really wouldn't name my child Magnum either. We will just have to wait until the end of January to see.

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Emma said...

I just love the Ultra sounds. It makes the baby seem more real. Good luck with finding out the sex. Rachel was shy and I didn't really know until she was born and it drove me crazy! Richard and I don't fight ever, exept about what to name our kids. So have fun...