Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get Away

Britt and I are planning a get away, without children. Sunday we had to stop by our friends the Koeller's house to get Britt's phone and as we were talking they asked when we were all going to go on a vacation without kids together. They want to go to Sandals in Jamaica next year and were thinking that we would like to go. Haha I think the look on my face when he said without kids must have been priceless because he quickly said you can bring Alexis though. I laughed and said that if I was going some place that nice I wouldn't bring her, but that I wanted to wait until she was closer to 4 to leave her for a week. So he suggested going to Cannon Beach for the weekend. I can do that. I am just nervous about leaving the country without her. In a lot of those vacation spots the airports are only open certain times of the day and flights out are limited and usually booked, so if something happened it would be hard to get home quickly. Here in the USA you can always get a flight that will get you closer to home at anytime. So I think we are going to Oregon and leave the girl with Grandma and Grandpa Martin for a few nights. I am excited, but it will be weird to not have her around for a few days.

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Jenn said...

Ha-ha! Don't think I could take a vacation yet without Ashlee! :)