Monday, May 16, 2011

This morning Megan pointed with her cute little chubby finger at me and said momma and to prove it wasn't a fluke she then pointed to daddy and said dada. Applause followed and she was very pleased with her self. She also likes to play the piano on daddy's phone using her one finger. It is very cute. She now has 5 teeth. The 5th one came in on Friday. There is a 6th one on the way, I can see it on top right next to her new one. That will make 4 on top and 2 on bottom. She is trying to climb on things now. We have been using a pack and play that is in it's bag to block her out of the bathroom and she climbed on top of it yesterday, but then didn't know what to do next so she cried. She is such a mess maker. We will clean up the baby books and she will crawl over and pull them out. Megan did the same with her pants last night, i put them away and she pulled the right back out. Such a contrast to Alexis who is a bit OCD on things being a certain way. Alexis loves to sing the songs for this years Primary program. She even hums along to the music only versions of the songs.

We had the Horn cousins here for a few days and had a fun day on a ferry and playing in the really wasn't warm enough but they splashed for a good 30 minutes. We took family pictures of the whole crew with only 1 Brother in Law missing. I am so excited to see them! Our nephew Malachi was baptized(he is the first on Britt's side!) It was fun having them!

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