Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Done

The garage is cleaned out. I am so happy. It was so bad that seriously you couldn't walk into the garage at all without stepping over something and every time I ventured in I would injure myself. So I finally got Britt to help me get it under control(it was his fault it was so messy, only because his organization is patterned after a child's). So we took everything out, except the food storage. I even went through my holiday decorations. I got rid of two boxes of Christmas and one Halloween. I also got rid of all but one box of canning jars. I am not going to get around to in anytime soon so why keep them around. Ok well I haven't got rid of them yet I made an announcement in Relief Society just in case someone wants them before I donate them to the DI. Britt got rid of a bunch of stuff too and still needs to go through his tools. We got all the camping stuff back on it's shelf and the out door toys on their shelf. All the pool stuff is together and easy to access. It is great, we can walk around in there without stepping over and around stuff or getting injured! It is very strange to have empty Rubbermaid's in the garage! The crazy thing is I needed a tape measure today and I still couldn't find one on Britt's tool table....what do you do.

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Horn Family said...

That is AWESOME!!! I am doing the cleaning out thing right now in my storage room because of all the stuff we brought back with us. Hahahaha. Hey I did a new post finally. Check it out : ) Love ya