Thursday, July 31, 2008

The kitchen sink

I woke up this morning to a little girl knocking on her door saying "momma" over and over, it was 3 AM. I don't understand why she is not sleeping through the night anymore. So I did something that is very hard for me to do.... I ignored her. I just laid in bed and listened hoping she would get the hint and just go get back in bed and go to sleep. Well she did it took her 20 minutes but it would have taken 2 hours had I gone in there. Britt was not as willing to wait and I had to stop him several times. Alexis then slept until 8:30. I have to get her schedule back on track, she has been going to bed at 11:30pm and waking up at 6 then going back to sleep at 8:30 until 11. Then she is so tired she is crashing at 5pm. Very mixed up and church at 2 doesn't help! Hopefully last night will help get things regular.

If I don't get her sleeping back on the book release on Friday will be crazy. My mom is watching Alexis and I am heading down to a little book store in Sumner for a release party with Amberlynn and Brooke from my ward. It should be a lot of fun, but I want things easier on my mom since she will have Alexis until close to 1am. So excited for Twilight's last book Breaking Dawn I am almost as excited about this as a I was Harry Potter" I saw a trailer for Twilight I hope it is going to be good. I need to reread all of the books, so who knows I may just buy the whole series after all.

We watched Penelope it is so cute. Alexis even liked it or maybe she liked all the candy we let her eat during the movie. Who knows what she actually got out of it but well worth the dollar! I think Alexis is going get a bike for her birthday. It is a tricycle actually, last night at Walmart she wouldn't get off of it. We had to distract her and whisk it away quickly and that left a very distraught 23 month old. It was funny she was holding her hands out in front of her whimpering and would look at me and say "where it go." Britt would have bought it right then had we brought the money for it. Good thing we didn't because I don't want to get her used to us buying her things just because she won't let go off it in the store....that would not be pretty on our budget.
The one at Walmart is pink though! We are going to shop around but it is cute and easy for her to get on and off and push around. I like that the seat back is high so she can't fall off easy. and the little trunk is cute! Ok well I better get going we have a busy day of shopping for the hike Britt is going on this week end. He is going to be a mountain climber guy now, he wants to climb Mount Rainier next year. Some how even having life insurance doesn't make me feel comfortable anymore. I think it would rather him stay home. Oh well I love his ambition!

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Jenn said...

Maybe it's the teething? Have fun Friday night!