Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day 1

I had high hopes that this post would be announcing Megan's birth, but alas it is not. She is not here and I feel like she is not even close to coming either. I blame Britt, Martin babies come out when the are supposed too. Grandma Shirley informed us that she always passed her due dates...so this is a Bergman thing. lol. I am trying really hard not to be upset, I have cried a little in the last 24 hours and will probably cry some more. So if I don't talk to you or answer your calls it is not because I am having the baby. I had a Non Stress Test yesterday and everything looked fine. I have a bio-physical ultra sound on Thursday with Dr. Maslow. I never in-visioned being 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant, of course being pregnant seemed like a far off dream last September. So I guess the count down is going backwards now, haha.

On a happy note I asked Alexis to clean up her stuffed animals and dolls that were all over her floor and she did it without a complaint and then proudly showed me her room. I nearly cried it was so sweet.

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Shirley B. said...

Sad to say, I am afraid that this is indeed a BERGMAN Baby in that they love LOOOOOVVVEE their little warm nest so much that they DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE! One of the Doctor's that I worked for said to me "Kick them out! Evict them!!" He didn't specify how to do this, but that was his advice. Keep your spirits up little Momma and before you know it this cute little baby girl WILL make her appearance. Can hardly wait!!
grandma shirley

Jenn said...

It will all be worth the wait! If only it was nice out it would be easier to help you keep your mind of things! ((HUGS))

Chastina said...

I don't know why we have a due date. It should be a due month or weeks. I'm sure if she is a week over your doctor can give you pointers to help. My first was a week over her due date, and then we encouraged her to get here. (I had an induction).

Sending labor vibes your way. :D

Jamie Newman said...

I'm sorry that you are past your due date. I know you are tired of being pregnant and ready to meet Megan. Hopefully she will come soon either on her own or with a little assistance from the doc.

Meanwhile I am anxiously awaiting the news!!