Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not here yet

Just 5 days from my due date and nothing is happening. I feel like I shouldn't be upset, but man I just want to be a 1 or something. I am going to just let it go, or try to anyways. I think we are really ready for this baby. I just wish she showed signs of coming. If I am busy walking around I have contractions but if I sit down they stop. We asked Nancy today if there is anything we could do to get labor going she let us know that unless I am dilating no amount of walking or ummm other activities will help. I believe it since I have been chowing down pineapple, walking and other stuff. Last week baby was low but sure enough she is still bobbing and was high today. PLEASE hurry and come Megan, we are all so anxious to see you. Alexis thought they were taking her out today and was insisting on coming, until I told her it is boring and that she wasn't coming out yet. We bought a bunch of $1 projects for Alexis to do after the baby comes so that she doesn't feel neglected and I am having a hard time keeping her from wanting to do them now. At least I still feel good for the most part!

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