Sunday, February 24, 2008

Final Chapter

The other night I was in a discussion about the Cullen's family and we were trying to decide if there would be a 4th book to tie it all up and I am happy to announce that there is! So as I look forward to reading book number 3 Eclipse (how funny that we just had a lunar eclipse) I can take joy in knowing that it doesn't end there!

I also would like to share the excitement of the new stores opening up here in Bonney Lake..... they are Jamba Juice and Taco Del Mar! I know there will be more because it is a new shopping center, but I am excited about those two so far. I am going to find it really hard if/when we move away from here and I have to begin searching out some of my favorite places.

I think Alexis has the cutest voice right now, it is horse or sounds like a frog(either way she is a zoo)! It is really cute when she laughs. I have noticed lately that my post have become really random and somewhat rambling, sorry I guess I need to talk to Adults more.

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Jenny M said...


I am also looking forward to book four! Those are so good! I never thought I would be so interested in vampire books!