Saturday, February 23, 2008

Almost a Summer Day

I feel good about the day! It was awesome at 67! I got to work on my flower beds and rid them of weeds and pruned my roses, blueberries and honeysuckle. Britt went and got all the supplies to put a new roof on our deck and Jon helped him complete that job! All in all we got a lot done. We also lost our daughter. I was wedding and Britt was working on the roof, while she was supposed to be playing in her play house, I looked up to check on her and couldn't see her. I asked Britt if he could see her and he said she was in the play house. No she wasn't so we both ran to find her. Well since our fence is broken due to the wind storm, she slipped through and was down our driveway, across the street and into the neighbors yard. Talk about a heart attack, so now we know she will in fact walk away from us without even thinking twice and she does not look both ways when crossing the road. I could not imagine if we lived on a busier road, well if we did Britt would have fixed the gate a long time ago. So besides that little mishap we had a good day.

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