Sunday, February 8, 2009

Malachi's big day

So all the fun we had while everybody was here was great but the real purpose in the trip was to have Malachi sealed to his family. We had to be to the temple at 10:30 and we would have been except the court document saying the adoption was final was still at our house. We were just getting to 405 when Erin called and asked where we were. I had also just discovered that my temple recommend was at home in my temple bag. So we turned around and came home to get those two really important things. Did you know that with this new system they can look your recommend up with out even calling your bishop! Lucky for us Alexis was sleeping the whole time. We got there I ran the papers in and then we hurried and got in there. It was only like 45 minutes late. The kids were so good in the temple, Malachi was so cute just soaking it all in. Afterwards we took some pictures and then went to Red Robin, Alma fell asleep before we even got done ordering. We went to Grandma's house for dinner and to celebrate Isaac's birthday which is tomorrow. Britt and Lim left to go play basketball, this was there guys night! And that wraps up Malachi's big day, it was great to see this sealing. We only hope that we can see some more of nephew's and nieces enter the temple with their families some day. Thank you Erin and Lim for sharing this day with us. It was wonderful.

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