Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Pictures

Chill out time!

Girls night at the Cheesecake Factory, Yummy!

Crashed out in the car! Look at all their heads, Lim must have been taking some serious corners!

We have a tradition that when Lim and Erin come to town we head to Sushi Town. Mallori's first time eating Sushi. Alexis using chop sticks for the first time, she ate her whole meal with them.

Alma tried straight wasabi, he didn't like it. I should tell you this was the hottest wasabi I have ever had, poor guy. In the background you can see Lisa, Travis and Lim (Britt is on the other side) they were at the all you can eat bar. As usually the sushi did not disappoint.

Malachi, Isaac and Alexis with Grandma Shirley

The kids were playing seat belt with the controller. They would sit down and stretch the cord across their lap saying seat belt. The things that will entertain!

Finally got a picture of Isaac smiling

Four kids sitting on Grandma's couch

Five kids sitting on my couch

The air mattress wasn't holding air so after we bought a new one we let the kids have some fun with it.

Mallori wasn't sure about it so she just watched!

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Horn Family said...

Good times!! The boys loved jumping on that air mattrice!!! : )