Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Busy Week Ends

Erin and Lim, left this morning and Kate left yesterday leaving a peaceful silence! It was fun having them all here visiting and especially seeing Malachi sealed to Lim and Erin. Alexis was very sad when we dropped them off at the airport. Her and Alma had become very good buddies. We watched Madagascar 2 last night, not sure I will be buying it. It had somethings in that I want Alexis to be older before she watches it a bunch. The kids laughed and ate popcorn and danced, ran around screaming and enjoyed their last night together. It was so much fun. Kate and I were talking just now and we took 476 pictures, that works out to be 57 pictures a day. Fun times. We discovered that taking 13 kids pictures is very hard. We had a crier in every picture and couldn't get the boys and girls together for one group picture, oh well we will try next time, the kids will be older and hopefully it will go better. Here is a sample of the pictures we took:

The kids were so excited to all be together!

the baby girls and Cory!

Mallori knocking Uncle Collin out and all the girl cousins

All the boy cousin except Isaac(who had a melt down because we wanted a picture)

Wii Baseball fun!

Cute picture with Aunt Kate

Alexis copied Tylene playing twister it was cute

Nap time, Alma is under the blanket!

Of course no get together with this family is complete without a competition or two. This round we choose this! It was fun, Britt won of course and I got a grass stain on my knee. We recorded it too...won't bore you with it. HAHA it was so funny. Britt bounced and pulled it out from under him and landed on the ground hard. Notice the intensity on their faces and the arm extension Lim gets.

This is the after shot of his fall while the kids looked on at all of us like we are crazy!

was getting stuff out of the freezer Alexis found this ice cream and was eating it before I noticed so I let her have it. She was nice and shared it with Mallori. Note Alexis' mouth!

Pizza Party!
Ok everybody I have tons more pictures and will post some more tomorrow! Enjoy for now!

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leslie mae said...

How FUN!!!! We're stayin with YOU GUYS the next time we come up for a visit!!!!