Saturday, January 19, 2008

Food woes

Alexis has become very picky with what food she will eat. If she doesn't want to eat it she will spit it out and say yuck. Her food particulars change by the day too. Two days ago all she wanted was string cheese now she will only lick it and then put it down. I hope this is all because of the cold that she has because she is not eating very much. I guess I should be happy that she will eat veggies and fruit, multi-grain club crackers, jello and every once in a while something else. She doesn't really want milk either.

I post this because I always thought that it was the parents fault that their kid was picky. So I guess I am eating my own words. I just hope she eats enough to keep her cute little chubbiness!

We bought her a stroller for her babies and she loves it, She just pushes her babies around and around the house. It is so cute and I really enjoy watching her play "mommy". Last night I was holding Ashlee and Jenn got her pajamas out and Alexis walked over and put her hands out like she was going to take the baby from me and then pointed at Jenn. It was very cute that she was going to try to take the baby to Jenn. If anyone knows where I can get Little People movies please let me know, Alexis wants to watch the same one over and over.

2 lil' notes:

Fox Family said...

Target & Toysrus have them on their website.

erin said...

I have seen them at Target. I know how you feel! We only have one and the boys are big on watching the same one over and over and over again! It is VHS too so they would freak when we would have to rewind the movie! Hahahahaha what do you do right. Hope you are able to find lots of them!