Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time out

Yesterday we were eating popcorn for a snack and I gave Alexis her own little bowl like I do every time; this time she broke it up into little pieces and throw it on the floor. So I asked her to clean it up and she started to spread it around on the floor so I put her on her stool and told her that she was in time out. This was her first time in a time out. She sat there pretty good despite the crying. When she had sat there for about 30 seconds I had her get up and help me. She wouldn't help me but I figured that she is only 16.5 months. So an hour later Britt was playing with her and her head touched the inside of his arm and he thought she felt warm. Sure enough 100.8. So I felt kind of bad for putting her in time out when she was not feeling good.

Lesson of the day: try checking her temp if she starts acting really crabby before putting her in time out.

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Travis & Leslie said...

I'm sure she had no idea that she was even in trouble! Poor sick little thing! I hope she's better before the big day! Gramma has called me like 3 times to tell me that you finally signed papers and now you're going through the temple! She's so happy, though sad she won't be there. Congratulations though. By the way, tag you're it. Go check my blog!