Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Next year we may celebrate with New York and then go to bed early! Well it is a nice thought, but I know we will stay up! It was a nice evening even though a late one! We went over to our friends Rick and Shannon's and played Trivial Pursuit. Honestly I do think I am getting better at that game as I get older, we played guys against girls since there was 3 couples there. The girls were wiping the board and then we lost a player and the guys won at the last question showdown. It was still fun, as fun as it can be when playing a game with Mr. Competition(Britt). Alexis had the hardest time sleeping though, she fell asleep so I put her in the living room away from the noise of the game, but she woke up and needed to be held the rest of the night(3 hours). We were safe and had fun. Zach, their 8 year old, kept saying "I'm staying up until next year!" it was really funny. We might make it a tradition to play that game on New Years, we just had fun playing. We also tried to watch Stardust, but there was too much going on. I had hoped that Alexis would sleep in since she was up so late, but nope 8 am she was calling for me. Of course Britt is still sleeping and it is 10. I think that he needs to get woke up, what do you think? I will let him sleep just until the cinnamon rolls are done!

I hope that everyone had a fun, but safe evening! Have a great year and if you don't already have a blog spot get one and let me know, I love being able to see your families grow!

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