Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big tree slide at the mall

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The Supermall near us has gotten a new playground. So Erin and i took our kids to go shopping and to explore this playground. When we first walked up to it there was some 30 kids in it, I'm am not exaggerating Alma and Alexis would have been trampled. So we went to a few stores and came back and few less kids so we turned them loose. They loved it they climbed and went down the slides, Malachi found a baby and spent a good amount of time talking to the baby and his mom. It is all soft and squishy so if they bump themselves it isn't going to hurt! So we may have to start a play group and head to the mall once a week. That way everybody gets out of the house and they kids get to play! It is nice to have somewhere out of the weather for the little ones to play and get some energy out.

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Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

Looks like she had fun!!!