Monday, September 26, 2011

Alexis wishes she had school everyday.  She doesn't want me to ask her to stay home with me anymore.  Sad.  She also told me about her friend named Cookie.  I wouldn't have believed that was really her name but when I was at the school last week for curriculum night and sat in Alexis spot right next to her was a tag with Cookie on it.  She also told me today that nobody plays with her at recess.  I find this really hard to believe since she makes new friends everywhere we go.  She can be funny about stuff like that.  It is so hard not knowing what is really going on.  I think I will have my friend who teaches there keep an eye and an ear out.  Megan is really into throwing fits and screaming when things don't go her way.  She gets mad at Alexis who is always picking her up and taking her away from things.  Last night she had enough and tried to bite Alexis.  Of course Alexis cried which made Megan cry.  Oh the joys of children.  I talked with Alexis about letting me do the mommy stuff with Megan so that Megan didn't try and bite again she said no I want her to bite me.  Love them, especially when they are sleeping, ha!

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Chastina said...

I think that it's great when kids love school.