Monday, September 12, 2011

She had a big day today of first. She lost her tooth during lunch at school. Her teacher had told her last week that she gets to write her name on a tooth chart when she looses it and so I guess she decided today was the day and instead of eating wiggled her tooth until it came out. She was so excited that she kept getting out of bed to ask when the tooth fairy would come! So her glittery money is waiting for her!

The letter from the tooth fairy appeared after this picture was taken!

She is having a hard time looking at the camera lately.

Cute little space in her teeth!

P.S. Daddy wanted her to send it to Alaska since the tooth fairy pays more there(well it does cost more to live). So he said $20, I asked him if he really wanted her to send a tooth and he decided not so much to just tell her he called the tooth fairy and she would fly down special for her and give her $10. Well I didn't have a ten but had $5 ones. Goodness that is one tiny little expensive tooth!
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