Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alexis said she got in trouble at school for showing her food at lunch and had to go to a table that nobody was sitting at.  Not sure on all the details and will ask her teacher for more info, but when I asked her why she did it she said her brain was upside down and now it is only crooked.  Still wondering if someone told her about her brain or if she came up with that all on her own.

Megan says "get up" a lot.  It is funny and so we laugh and she says it more and more.  Makes me glad I don't swear so I won't hear it from my children's sweet little mouths.  Sad thing is Alexis is hearing it outside of our home and will try and say a few of them.  Yesterday she said one and I heard it.  So I called her on it and she had to say 3 nice words.  She choose "I love you" and "I'm sorry."  She is also wanting to sleep with me since Daddy is gone and I must be lonely because my bed is so big.  So I told her she had to sleep in her bed on school nights and she decided that meant all the rest are ok.  So everyday she says do I have school tomorrow?  I made a deal that she can fall asleep in my bed and then I will move her. 

Fall is coming and honestly I am ready.  Usually I want summer to just keep shining but we aren't doing anything anyways so we might as well move on!  Besides I have started to crave apple cider and pumpkin stuff.  It has cooled down and is barely getting to 70 so not quite cider weather.  I got the deck all ready for the kids to play on rainy days, slide and picnic table, play tent and rug all swept (I love having a covered deck). 

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