Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Parties and a Parade

What a great day! It was warm(hit 76 at my house) and sunny and fun! We woke up and headed outside first thing and started doing yard work. Alexis was so excited to be outside and just play, I cleaned off the porch and set the table and chairs up and Britt started weed wacking and mowed the grass. I had cleaned out the garage on Friday and found my roller blades and went blading. Alexis thought it was very cool to be going so fast, hmmmm I think I will go blading after this post. Ok, back to my day, when we got back Steph and her family where here. We got cleaned up and headed to Evana Schaub's 1st Birthday party. It was great seeing our friends that we don't see as much as we want because we have kiddos that keep us busy.
After the party we went to the Daffodile Parade. This is a big parade here because it is only in Pierce County and comes to 4 different cities.
We hit Orting and the kids had fun, but we left early to go to our second birthday party. Before we left the pirate ship, this a very popular float here, was shooting it's cannon and 4 entries behind was horses. Ok does anyone know what happens when horse get spooked in a parade? Well the lead horse was so close to trampling people, I mean it was scary because all along the road are cute little kids. We were nervous when they passed us and started to get up to grab children, it was seriously 16 inches from stepping on a kid. I started taking pictures of it, it was that spooked. We came back to our house to celebrate Britt, my Dad and Ben's birthday since they all fall in the same week. We had Ribs, Baked Potatoes and German Chocolate Cake with ice cream. We had a fire and even roasted some Marshmellows. It was a great day and I really hope that we get more nice days soon!

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leslie mae said...

How fun!! I love that picture of Britt by the way!! I can't even imagine having a parade right now, we woke up to a bunch of snow, sniff sniff... we just got it all melted like the day before that! We still can't go outside without jackets or even coats sometimes!!! Driggs is still under a foot of snow!