Tuesday, April 8, 2008

50 Degrees Warmer Part 1

We have spent the past 8 days in much warmer weather then we have here. Mazatlan, Mexico had a wonderful temperature of 87 almost the entire time we were there. So here is the run down on our trip:
Monday 3:00 AM- Alarm goes off and while I am excited I don't want to get up. But up I get and then we are off to the airport for our 6:30 flight. Alexis ran the terminal until we boarded the plane and then fell into a blissful quiet sleep and slept until we got into LA. By the way I hate LA, it is dirty, smelly and well just stupid. So we let the girl run around LA airport until we board the plane and by run I mean up the stairs down the escalator and up and down everything until I changed her diaper and rushed on the plane. She was happy and gave us no trouble at all on the second flight. It was super cute because when we took off and landed she would start waving I think she was a bit afraid but coped really well. She was pretty good getting through customs too. She fell asleep on the bus to the hotel and then she was introduced to sand. She hates it. I mean it she screams when it touches her toes(back ground to the dirty feet thing, she will take her shoes and socks off if she feels some lint in between her toes) she also hates the ocean. What do you do? You take her to the pool. Of course she won't walk on the tiles that surround the pool either. She liked her feet swirled in it though. We could only swirl though because we had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes to get our room. Once we finally got into our room we quickly changed and headed to the pool(Britt and Alexis did, I stayed and unpacked). She had so much fun in the pool and due to the long day we were all asleep by 9PM. As I sat by the pool and looked out at the ocean I was awestruck by the seemingly never ending expanse, beautiful. I loved looking out from our room as the sun set as the whole world seemed to turn orange, pink and red. Heavenly Father is truly a master artist.

Tuesday: 7 AM Alexis woke up and we went to check out the ocean again because it was too early to hit the pool. She still didn't like the sand or the ocean but liked finding shells. We meet the Cox's, Huntington's and my parents for breakfast where Alexis ate a whole omelet and fruit. I was surprised because she usually won't eat the eggs if they have the yolk in them. Britt, Alexis and my dad stayed at the hotel while the rest of us went to the grocery store. They have a new one there and it is big and clean! This store is cool; when you walk in and grab a cart and push it on the escalator. They have grooves in the wheels that catch so it doesn't roll. Haha look at the tourist with her camera bag on her hip and taking pictures in a store! When we got back Alexis was napping and so I went for a swim and painted her a piggy bank. We have discovered that after 7 Alexis can not be expected to sit through a meal without screaming and wanting down to roam, but the restaurant helped us out with having a show that captured her attention. After the show people were dancing and so was Alexis it was so cute and everyone thought it was better then the official show. They said that they should keep her for their show. I really wish we would have brought the video camera with because as you looked around the room everyone was watching her.
We were in bed by 9:30. I am beginning to think that we are going to have some rest and relaxing on this trip, even if it is because we crash before party starts!

Wednesday 7AM Alexis is still asleep although she is in bed with me. She slept until 8:30 and of course I couldn't. We tried the ocean again and just walked up the beach for awhile and as we were walking back she suddenly stop whimpering...oh yes she started doing this fake cry that is her inhaling and making a whimper noise every 10 seconds. She actually let the ocean touch her!!! the only reason she let it touch her though was because of a boy. Us girls will do anything if we are scared to death to get the attention of a boy. The story is we met this family on the beach Tuesday and there son is 1 month older then Alexis and they are from Auburn. What are the chances...they are pretty good considering more then 90% of the people we talked to where from Washington. Ok so he was loving to ocean (a month can make such a difference in courage)and we told Alexis to go play with him. So she ran out there even though with every wave she cried and ran away from the water. It was so funny, but she kept at it and eventually was playing with out the crying.

Look close she is crying in some and then happy again and this was the exact order the pictures were taken in. She still hates the loose sand and wanted to go get in the hot tub. I am not kidding she would have stayed in the hot tub the whole trip if we would have let her. We tried eating at the restaurant at the hotel but the pool party and all the music had Alexis capture and she wouldn't sit, we got our food to go and went and ate on our balcony. Then just as she was going to sleep the fireworks started...didn't wake her though, I guess playing in the ocean and pool can really tucker you out. I was asleep the second I laid down.

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